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On to do. Wow you'd have never deleted a fucking. That was different. Was donald school clause. That was like the end of the people did not forgive them for that. I mean that's just a bad z. It's nfl poking coaching coach. Fighting bracket you print your brackets dot com the rights of brackets on even give to big mike dan campbell. We'll save you nice fucking done for side now see ya back on the authorities perform its on sun. Carseat fourteen on the left and dan campbell either saying mike able versus dan camp. So who wins that fight. I'm taking cdc solemn. Mike zimmer would be fucking knock down drag out queued snap his neck zimmer's a tough stabbing with broken beerbaum always gonna have a fat ass leper. In the i up it was hall. Pass burial bitch. It's empty i i to say too. I think rule kills mike mccarthy. Don't think i don't think so. Mike big mike from greenfield. You can make matt rule is six five dude dude you. You just took matt rule over a pittsburgh rules you do. You know who met rule is watchos if big might sat directly and his back to. He's fast he's lipold rebuttals now. Big mike is killing mike. What about braves raves. Acc got him brow. Anything beef cereal judge be judge would rip him to shreds. My has a heart attack right before the fight. I've watched play romeo for bill whose bill fighting in the first round table. Hounds defense evasion pole. Yeah oh wow matt rose. I even making the i o tomlin nagy. Nagy's got no jackie for able tomlin label would be a fucking good fight. Scraps crafted bill. Check seven years old. He can't be on here but unless like do we have a special right in entry for a tuna parcels. That'd be sweet. Yeah she boobs dude or if like chuck wise you come in here talking bats to check wise versus andy reid. We put dave baker in here. It's over okay. They've already smith would crush cliff. Hit you with fedex. What does this based on you watch movie. He absolutely. You saw the great. If it's crazy that's why does it look like you're in mccain giant peach along with you that makes sense because they're blank the owner would go look like a ghost waiter at a restaurant. Looks like he looks like a south park. Character has died and do you. Guys identifies crypto. Curious yeah i would say so too. And if you've thought about entering the world of crypto currency but felt a little overwhelmed coin base makes learning to buy and sell simple crypto currency. Might feel like a secret exclusive club coin based believes that everyone everywhere should be able to get in the door. Whether you've been trained for years just getting started coin base can help much coin. Such base all. Yeah exactly if you've been following the crypto currency craze. Now's the time to start getting involved. Coin based makes it quick and easy to start your own portfolio and learn to trade like a pro if you've been looking at level of your financial portfolio. it's always good to diversify. 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Only so be sure to sign up today. That's coin base dot com slash. The pod. I don't know if you guys saw the list Xrays of this because those were going around the internet team fifteen year old gets. Usb cable stuck inside his trying to measure link where this was united states. yeah. I believe it was north dakota like go on. What are we talking every once in a while. We'll see one of those videos. Like the you know the people out in the jungle. Who like rolling their penises. A like gummy worms sticks like that. So i like that like this would be that everyone out there. You know it was i. Guess the guys who build pools teenagers the uk undergoes emergency peanut surgery after he somehow managed to insert a whole usb cable into his wise generals. Plural should be gentle a z z. May be stop floral. What do you think your genitals. Are ma dig. Just the sausage testicles or sausage your reproductive organs z. journals genitals now genital. You're not gonna flip you on this one well fair. Don't measure gene spot sticking to coordinate and get a ruler. God damnit or use your iphone. Cloud was the verdict that we how long how long the usb cord was fifteen inches if the whole usb or the actual fucking thing.

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