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And crafts fair over one hundred boats, live entertainment food, of course, nine to five at the Hancock county four h fairgrounds and boy scout troop three oh five. What's to invite you to their annual fundraiser at Cox's play farm that helps the troop for the entire year. It's today. Saturday and Sunday they've got food as well. It's Cox's plant farm. This is in Clayton Indiana from eleven to five I don't know where Clayton is if it's close. Clayton indiana. I don't know where it is. So I'm going to try to find you as because you've invited us there. So I'll I'll do what I can do Sunday to know where it is. All right. I'm happy to tell you. So there there's forty. Plainfield right. You're heading out west Carter's Berg is keep going keep going. Dan, villas ahead, south do south due south of danville on thirty nine and you'll get to a beautiful. I'm sure finest finest people in the world, I stopped by Davis floral gave him some flowers. Popularly hang out at Lambert park is one of the things you do and the Clayton cafe the world famous Clayton. Cafe is is there. It's close to Cox's plant farm, which will be where where they're where they're going eleven to five tomorrow. And then Sunday, I hope you'll come out for this. Because we're they're bringing back Susie Weldon has brought back the fourth annual Dan Wheldon memorial karting race. This is new castle motorsports park. It's one of the coolest eventual ever go to I promise you all the drivers go, Scott Dixon. Tony finan Joseph new garden. Everybody goes and gates open at nine practice starts at eleven a qualifying at twelve thirty. And I think the race starts at one thirty. So.

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