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Took the Amtrak train from Maine to New York on December 29th. Police say bickford attacked three officers with a large knife on New Year's Eve. All were sent to the hospital. They say bickford was also sent to the hospital after an officer shot him in the shoulder. The attack happened just after 10 p.m., blocks from the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration. A source tells WCBS TV in New York that bickford was recently placed on an FBI terror watch list because his aunt reported he'd been radicalized online and expressed a desire to travel overseas and fight with Islamic extremists. One person has been found dead after trying to drive through floodwaters in Northern California, kovr TV reporter Ashley sharp is near the town of Wilton. Told us that they did have at least one fatality where a car was swept away. There was a missing person that they were looking for and unfortunately they did find the body of that person in the swept away vehicle. The inflation rate is slowing, says Bank of America chief U.S. economist Michael gapen. The evidence suggests we're already past peak inflation. Right now, the trajectory is a more favorable one. It will probably take two to three years to get inflation back down to levels that we knew prior to the pandemic. In other words, low stable and something we didn't necessarily talk about because it wasn't forefront on our mind. Gap and was on CBS's face the nation. New year, new laws, as CBS charting to Mars. Hourly workers in Michigan will now earn $10 ten cents. An increase of 23 cents. I don't think 23 cents is going to make a difference. And the world that we live in nowadays. Californians will no longer be ticketed for jaywalking unless they're in danger of getting hit by a car. In Ukraine, the mayor of the capital key says the city's experiencing power and heating outages after an overnight wave of drone attacks by Russia, more on that from the BBC's James Reeves. For Ukraine, the new year has continued where the old one ended, with waves of explosive drones launched against the capital by night, but the Ukrainians say their air defenses are proving effective against the Iranian made shahid drones. And they've been hitting back with high Mars rockets supplied by the United States. Avengers star Jeremy Renner being treated for serious injuries that happened while he was plowing snow. This is CBS News. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance coverage, liberty mutual customizes your car and home insurance, so you only pay for what you need. Liberty Mutual Insurance. Two O three Monday morning January 2nd, 2023, 52 of the nation's capital

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