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I don't know if they did. I'm just a math of it. I don't think the change like harmony. The Kansas City Chiefs getting For the game and champions a home game, So I'm sure a lot of their people don't have to worry about travel there. Right. There's far is there Families and people that work in the office. And I even asked Lee Steinberg. You know Mahomes, agent If he's gonna go to the game, and he kind of laughed, of course I'm gonna go to the game. But I thought, you know, can't let everybody in the game. You know, let everybody's agent in the game on top of Mom and dad and wife and kids. I mean, there's gotta be a line word strong, but I'm not a surprise that it's not. I guess they didn't price couch, which they possibly could have done this year. I'm looking at right now I'm on the StubHub website. The cheapest ticket to get into the Super Bowls, 4411 and half way up in the 300. Level. In fact, it's the highest level in the corners. 3 27 is the section is the highest and it's up in the corner, and it's 4411. And then they radio. I haven't obstructed view seat up there. The damn pirate ship. Now you're on the other side of the pirates. Other side other side. I think the weekend maybe using the pirate ship is a stage. Really? So maybe that's why he kind of mentioned that a little bit. They asked him about the pirate ship and you don't want to give away. Thank you mentioned that he may be on the pirate ship, okay? So that's interesting. Let's see 3 27. Probably the best ticket in the house. I'm trying to look if you're on the chief side, there's one at the 50. What is that sucker cost? 9 18,052 apiece? Yeah, that's out of my range. You're talking the secondary market? Yeah, Duggan stub. Man, you're the best. It's a 50 yard line seat in the lowest section. And that baby's 18 grand That's Rowe Age, So that's you know, a B C, D e f G h He didn't so you're like the middle of the section. Right, But we're at the 50 yard line on the chief side. 18 grand 19 grand. That's actually not a lot. They David. Years passed, they paid And it is Super Bowl tickets have just gone through there in his history. Ridiculous the amount cause I, you know. When I was working with the rain before I worked for the Raiders Ralph Wilson on Channel 36 K I c U The owner of the Bills, and I used to get my family and for you to get 46 mean well, when the bills were in, he got a lot of them. And, uh it was, you know is it was expensive. But it jumped into the stratosphere. What you say last year it was 6500 or sometimes 500 bucks Because the 40 Niners gave us They gave us two free ones in the option to buy more. And I'm not all they'll buy more. How much are they $65 you out of your bride? I gotta go. I got a great 60 inch TV at home, kid. You can watch there so The price has gone way up in the last few years, but I kind of thought because of supply and demand that it would easily jump over 10,000. So it's good that they didn't price guy. The secondary market is different. Then you get back up. Yeah, Yeah, so anyway, that Yeah, it's up about 18%. So last year was 64 10. Issued 75 89 so about a 20% increase, But like you, said, 7,522,000 on the frontline workers, which is great, and then you know a lot of corporate people be there than you know the percentage that are left, which is much less than they normally would be. And then those air Those are being sold. Mainly on the secondary market. That's what it is. You know, as long as you're cool with going into the middle of a pandemic. The problem with the Super Bowl is Justin. You've been to so many of them and a lot of them. Yeah. You don't even stay for the game. We go there, but I have been to several just watches a fan. I went to the one in Pasadena. I went to the one in Pontiac. When the 40 Niners one Super Bowl 16. One in Minnesota. I've learned a few was a fan of one of the Arizona Super Bowl 42. The Patriots lost to the Giants to lose their perfect bid. The problem is just the gridlock of getting Super Bowl Sunday. You gotta leave like five hours before kickoff to get in. It's like it's just It is just human gridlock in every in the security and you can't Even if you're gonna have Ah, you know, Uber Cab drive you to the stadium. You have to get trapped off like you know, a mile away. This one as long as you're cool with, you know, going on in the pandemic. This one would probably be the easiest assed far as you know, Accessibility. Just cause you're not gonna have traffic jams right? So this would be the one not they're gonna pay 18,500 jump on a plane to fly down there. You might, but you know, usually it's just and then getting out after the game, and it's just really a hard event. Because it's just tough to access in and out. But this one would probably be obviously because you're not gonna have that many people. There you go. It's gonna be one of the easiest ones maybe want to take advantage of in that library, Remember, I got to the stadium. Because we did the pre pre and all that kind of stuff. I got to the stadium last year in Miami, 11 A.m. and I was one of the first people and I was walking with time. The game kickoff like 6 30? Yeah, her later and try to remember it was like, uh, 6 36 30 Eastern Tech. 3 30 East. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, I was there about 11 o'clock, and I got in there without much of a problem. But then, as it came is it was coming and I was looking outside it would it packed up fast and like you said, and they've got to make they've gotta have ever to go through the protocols and safety and all those kind of things in man, and that's a stadium in the middle of nowhere, and I had Miami Gardens. That's the way it was way out there on my uber guys like us as far as I could go, and I'm just like, Are you kidding? Oh, get out now! Her foot that I did on that afterwards. Like 3 30 in the morning. I couldn't find the bus is I got my walk. I got my steps in that day. She look she look 35,000 easily. It was that was a crazy one. But The only other thing I had on note wise outside of the Super Bowl stuff. Remember, you don't mattress Mack, the guy in Houston, and he always bets on the Astros and all that stuff, And I think last year he lost actually. He bet $3.5 million on the bucks, and he took the 3.5 points. So 3.5 million for mattress. Mac. I didn't know mattress selling mattresses was so lucrative. The guy's got a lot. You must have a long and not as good as the my pillow guy Sort of like saying Esso after Kansas City rolls them. What's his name? Mattress? Mac, not just be going, he'll be going to the mattresses they would like to say in the Italian culture. Cause I think couple years ago we won when the Astros won, and then last year, he better bunch and he lost and he goes like different casinos all over. He takes his jet and goes all over and puts a bunch of money all over it. So I think he did this one in Colorado, and they usually will bet a few but 3.5 and he's taken the bucks in the 3.5. Mattress, Mac, So I don't see it that way. You don't see it that way. No, I think Casey rolling them. Yeah, that's gonna be tough. Kansas City's good Top of the hour. We'll give you the foreplay. I told you about Erin Andrews. You have Maura's well on that and then Laura opens going to join us in a great interview with J. P P after the NFC Championship game, so we'll talk to her about her viewpoint on the Super Bowl. We'll do that at about 1 10. It's popping loan only here on the SportsCenter. You're smart speaker is a radio. You here. Papa in London home. 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