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That was good. Scrambled defensively by scramble. I mean, you got mixed up, You've got switched up. You've got a guard on the big big on a guard, but they scrambled out really well to contest that shot and get the rebound. Love troubles over on the left side puts up a runner misted short, tipped up and off. No good inside by bay Kat fighting for the rebound, Big shot trying to save it couldn't do what he stepped on the baseline. We'll go back to do with 5 45 to go not to hurt. Got put in a bad spot there with four fouls, Armando bake got close to the rim. You have to contest you can't give anything easy here down the stretch, he was able to contest without fouling and force Armando Bake out out of bounds. Inbounds pass the gold wire. It looks like the Duke bench as he watched the dribble ahead towards mid court. Melting down in the stands waiting for gold wire right at that Duke logo. Wire crosses into the front court, throwing up top to hurt left side. Two more now beyond New York More touched the ball in his right hip dribbles right, turn to the free throw line. Get it out Gold wire on the right wing rebels into the paint inside the logo cycling team or right quarter three ball. It's good, great ball movement. That time by Duke Mork capitalizes with a three time out taken by the Blue Devils with 5 22 to go North Carolina's North Carolina leaders to 77 75. You've got to think of your coach K. We're gonna see a lot of Jordan Gold wire. We're gonna see a lot of windows. Or why? Because those are two guys you trust. They understand that the brevity of this matchup. They understand what it takes to be emotionally locked in down the stretch and make the place that you need to make to you to win this basketball game. Those two guys, you trust with the ball, their hands. DJ Stuart and Jeremy Roach have struggled to take care of the basketball make good decisions here in the second half. Meanwhile, for North Carolina, we talk about the advantage they have inside. But John if they're not going to capitalize on the free throw line that's going to cost them. Big time is closing 5.5 hands. We joke about it. We always say, Well, you get the wrong guys going to the free throw line. That's what happens right now. North Carolina 33% from the free throw line. Hard to imagine you shoot 55% from the field 69% from three at 33% from the free throw line. Incredible numbers makes me feel as if you have the foul. If you're going to give up easy layup, it just can't be a foul. Matthew hurt. Who's got four fouls? Brooks will inbound in the backcourt. He'll toss it into love. Love brings the trouble ahead. Crosses into the front court. Well, will make the past a baked cod poked away briefly by Coleman. But a cot maintains possession of top. The Brooks looks left goes right, the wolf I don't believe it for love out front between the circles. Love backs up near mid court, pounded out of the left hand works left off a brook screen onto the wing. Love's gonna take the three ball in the wing side of the room short. Anthony Harris flies in for the Carolina rebound, double teamed underneath, dribbles out of it and then dribbled it right off his foot and out of bounds. That was actually a foul on Duke That was not called. You've got to wonder if official.

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