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Eli manning was signed for an extra year before the draft this option picked up that that it would have to pick up a day but they did pick up his option what was inside option and rap people then draft other players the Michael what is the proper I was in the the problem is what you brought Eli back it's the old argument if you bring you all back in the draft a franchise quarterback what do you do it is that the argument you rather cut bait with Eli manning we saw that we give you our mailing an extra year before the draft I was under contract they pay them is do the signing bonus they decided obviously they were stay on the path stay on the road so the whole idea is Gelman the most important is is the National Football League we can understand the quarterback is it not is it out I think we all believe it is yes you do need to add dressers Maggie myself with Ernie Accorsi I was in last week I believe it was right talk about the lie final day is it a broad bring tears to his face he says general manager you have to pinpoint positions on your team that end up being difference making position one of those positions be an address so as we went through draft after draft with Jerry Reese and the terrible job that he was doing as a general manager we kept on harking back to that seven draft what aid in two thousand eleven as he was having a within it taking a missing I want pick after another one step after another and I'm gonna get on get him in here these are taken his first draft would say Kwan Barkley would have not been sick one Barkley would a quarterback that would be easy everybody want to draft a quarterback everybody said draft a quarterback anyone with the running back business is that at the time his position there is general manager was to draft a player he believes upon a goal Jack is gonna be a whole team caliber player they thought Barkley and rightfully so was the cleanest player that draft cleanest the best prospect in the draft would have been easy to go with the quarterbacks in their number two it would be easy and then with this past draft is Daniel Jones was get ripped to the high heavens friend taking him with the sixth overall pick the criticism is get a man is not that he drafted Jones was the fact that you have to maneuver to get Josh Allah coming out of Kentucky okay what is a lack a little creativity but the biggest thing of all is you've got to get the quarterback and if he transitions away from me if you transitions here from you lie right into Jones which they've done already and Jones is the guy for the giants for the next ten to twelve years for argument's sake he has done something that a lot of GM's in the history of the game of been able to do look all around the league how difficult it is to find that next guy very difficult the teams that have that next guy in place you're jealous of if you're a fan of another team very difficult to do usually you go through a little bit of a swoon trying to five quarterbacks usually do if the giants don't that is a credit to get on with I'll tell you the perfect I'm not saying he's been a hall of fame caliber general manager but I will give him credit for that now Shurmur said coach some of the other personnel decisions from the trades he's made and has it made well there's a lot of layers to they've got ominous general manager four forty two lucis with you the fan in New York.

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