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Twelve last year. Their win total right. Now is so basically. We're already. The oddsmakers are predicting a grenade out of the saints. And i took under nine myself so i. I think there's a good potential. This team is eight. Eight wins nine losses. This season house playoffs to make it. They're minus one ten. No playoffs plus one thirty four. The nine numbers even even money. Oh that go down and you lose nothing. Union lose a vague. Did sharp convince you or you going with the With the old sage francesa his whole case about if the tight end has dropped pass in that bugs game. This saints are actually in the super bowl and that's borderline super bowl team last year with a quarterback who can actually throw deep. Now i think francis is right about the potential outcome for the saints last season but that was last fucking season the quarterback that season is jameis. Winston it's not you know drew brees who can gay manage them around a gain manage them into you. Know twelve wins Last season. I already bet They're they're under. You did okay all right so to wrap up the grenades sharp. Has the saints over under nine. House has the colts over under eight and a half. I'm leaning toward the ravens and they're over under. What was it. eleven now to do the steelers. There's also by my three. I think it's going to be between the ravens. The steelers and I think the colts are getting there but ravens steelers. I think one of those two is going to drop. I don't think we're getting three playoff teams. I gotta say with the steelers. I was ready to have them. That was gonna be my pick. And i did some. I did some recant as you know. I'm i'm not. I'm not opposed to going on the blogs and message boards for every single team. Try to see what's going on. They might have nailed their draft. It's not just i know. Their offensive line is shake is off fucking hell and i know what we saw from rothlisberger last year. Though it does seem like they're gonna make it easier for them but the tight end that they got. And then naji harris to. It really seems like they have to guys who are going to come in and be like impact dudes sharp would have you heard about the tight end. Yeah farmers he looks great in the preseason right like they need receiving tight end ben always years ago. Ben made a comment that like. I try not to forget things that are of this nature. He said i liked tall. Receivers in the red zone and vermouth is the type of guy who can be a target for ben down inside the red. So it doesn't surprise me that he's going to lean on him For some touchdown upside one of the reasons they went after chase klay pool as well but just tell you built like i liked najah harris as a player and maybe a team should have taken him in the first round because he has that upside. Although i personally disagree that you need to value a running back in the first round i disagree with the fact that their offensive line was sufficient enough that they could afford to draft. A running back is the opportunity cost there and agree i also will say that preseason stats are relatively meaningless although get ready for me to like share some stuff on your boy mack jones however look at the steelers leading rushers. This preseason behind this line again take take it with a grain of salt. The leading rusher in terms of attempts was jalen samuel. She averaged two point nine yards per carry on thirty nine. Thirty one rushes. Anthony mcfarland was the number two leading. Rusher he three point. Zero najah harris was the number three. He averaged three point. Two and caylin balaj was number four. He averaged four point one k on their average a even average what the nfl average yards per carry. Are i do think the steelers. I would have liked to bet against them. There's a lotta things that are going to regress for a grenade. I could see it for a win. Total however the problem for me was the win. Total has already been taken into account the fact that they're going to step back. They want eight teams last year. It's down to eight and a half the odds makers you know credit. Where credit is due. They did a great job of removing all opportunity to bet this team under. Because i don't see a whole lot of value. Embedding them under eight and a half. I really don't see that ridiculously low of a floor that this team's winning four or five games. I think even in a bad year. What is the worst six problem or likely. Seven or eight games for the pittsburgh steelers so I just think there's no value in the win. Total but certainly from a grenade perspective. No more than nine wins for the steelers. I think certainly A potential brutal scheduled to house at buffalo week one which is a loss their own one. There haven't been a five team parlay week four week. Five weeks six at packers home denver home seahawks on a night game and then they finished the year home ravens at vikings on a thursday titans home Home for the titans achieves home browns at ravens. Here's why i haven't. I'm gonna wait another week before. I decide ravens steelers. Here's what scares me about the steelers. 'cause i i get the offensive line stuff. Last year. they had the worst runs per attempt. I think of any half decent to good team. They have so many weapons now if fryer myth is good right away and we know naji harris is going to be a hundred times better than james connor. I love all the stuff. I've read about him like he's definitely one of those if you've read any of the pieces about him he's one of those actually have to tell him to leave the facility at night guys recyc- hey we're turning off the lights. You have to go like. He's one of those guys and then their receivers clay and shuster dante johnson. They just have a shitload of weapons. I think if rothlisburger unless he completely sucks now. That's a team that you've got you by the way but house. Why am i afraid of the steelers. Why am i afraid of all these weapons. Plus all the defense they have. Your brain is wrapped around a version of rothlisberger. That no longer exists. She is in the bottom. He's one of the worst Quarterbacks in the league at deep passing thirty i in this is straight out of the the sharpie a bible here thirty first in completion percentage at twenty eighth and passer rating last season on on deep passes. Those weapons exists. They're good weapons ben. Rothlisberger is thirty nine years old and looks and plays like. He's thirty nine years old and their backup quarterback stink..

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