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Lights that sparked fire nation jld here and welcome to episode seventeenhundred and seventy three of eofire where i chat with entrepreneurs on fire seven days a week create your dream life one step at a time how my book how to finally win will be your guide visit how to finally win dot com to learn more now shower today's featured guest wes the what are you prepared to ignite absolutely halima said it's worse z music producer songwriter end entrepreneur his critised can be heard on various tv networks his jingles are all over the radio and he recorded the audio book thirteen hours in benghazi he is a partner of no quit living in he's recently crept out from behind the scenes as an artist in a lager was take a minute fill in some gaps from that intro and give us a little glimpse of your personal life thoroughly absolutely also thank you for having me on the show and i'm really excited to be here but i i guess i'm uh somewhat recent college grad and and even more reason day job quitter actually but i own a company called you write music and like jld said we do jingles for the radio music branding that type of stuff and in addition to that i'm an artist among music producer at i recently got the opportunity to ride for some pretty big pop artists which is pretty cool and that i also am a partner in no quit living like jld mention and that's a really cool project as well i'm really humbled to be a part of it but we have a podcast as well and we interviewed people from all different walks of life in different industries.

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