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Ted Williams Tunnel champ both ways. Same with both connector tunnels in the Tobin inbound. You don't want to know my king WBC's traffic on the three and take your word for that. All right. Thanks, Mike. Now it's time for the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Let's bring in meteorologist John Frederick. John Pretty grey out there. And there's gonna be a lot of clouds out there right through the night tonight, Nicole. Nothing more than maybe a Sprinkle of brief shower this evening. Certainly more in the way of showers Late tonight after midnight below 55 to 60. Even early morning showers tomorrow and then clouds break for a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon will top out near 70. Partly cloudy tomorrow at the low 60 and then Sunday warmer sun given what clouds were up near 80 low seventies of the beaches. It's like we're dry during the day, but there could be some showers and thunderstorms. Sunday night Monday Variably cloudy A couple of showers. 75 again maybe a shower on Tuesday and then dryer for Wednesday and Thursday on accurate our meteorologist John Feerick's WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Thanks, John right now 66 on the Cape in Mashpee, west of Town, 74 in South Bridge. Couple of those showers as John was mentioning north of town right now, 61 reining in Essex right now in Boston at 3 26. It's overcast and 64 degrees time for New England business. Boston Tourism is on the rebound. Now the State Convention Center Authority doesn't have firm numbers. But the Depo sales manager at Old Town Trolley tours tells the globe the trolleys definitely seeing volume pick up Especially on Saturdays. The cheers bar has seen business starting to boom since Memorial Day, weekend Standing room only one night this week, the State Street is diving into Cryptocurrency. It's launching a new division State Street digital middle focus on digital assets and technologies. So the Globe says, that will also include Blockchain and Tokenization..

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