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Rise up Keith Eldridge komo news five fourteen let's check your drive the rain continues to come down here in Jordan has another comma traffic updates we are still working with our crash in Marysville that's partially blocking the ramp from northbound five to nine to northbound I. five now I'm hearing of a possible new crash north MI five in seatac around a hundred and eighty eight they haven't spotted it yet on the camera but I do see that the traffic is starting to get stacked up north but I five is also busy through to come a city center and we're becoming happier if you're approaching can do mowing road northbound one six seven slowing go if you travel through seminary into Pacific lots and lots and lots of roads are going to be closed today due to flooding valley freeway that still closed out from excuse me the maple valley from two hundred and thirty first two hundred ninety six simple state route nine hundred a score Hobart road or close to launch heard tiger mountains and also hearing word that that sounder north wind service that isn't going to be running today from ever to Seattle and that's due to the risk of mud slide our next call much traffic at five twenty four como eco roof forecast yes service showers this morning Iranian breezy this afternoon we're getting a little bit of a break right now from about shoreline down toward Olympia along the I five corridor it's raining north of the keys to the south of there looks like this afternoon the rain and the winds will pick up a little bit more high around fifty degrees gusty overnight tonight three C. for your Saturday with a chance of showers then.

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