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National Hurricane Center. Delta is the record time forthe named Storm to make landfall in Louisiana this hurricane season. For NPR News. I'm Patrick Madden in New Orleans. This's NPR. This is WN Y C Good afternoon on my on Levinson Mayor de Blasio says an arrest is expected soon in the attack on an Orthodox Jewish reporter who was covering protests and borrow Park, Brooklyn earlier this week. Jewish insider journalist Jacob Corn, Blue says he was hit in the head kicked and spit on and the mayor condemned the assault. Obviously, that just can't happen. You can not have someone assaulted for trying to actually report the news to everyone. The attack occurred as members of the ultra Orthodox Jewish community protested restrictions put in place by government officials. After the Koven 19 infection rate in the area surged. Two nights of mass protests grew violent and chaotic, but police made no arrests. The NYPD has since issued new guidance for First Amendment activities in hot spot zones. They are now considered non essential and could be broken up by officers. Residential evictions in New York can resume starting on Monday. Tenants affected by the pandemic are supposed to be protected by the CDC is eviction moratorium in New York State law and the governor's own moratorium. But you with gold liner of the legal aid society says the latest guidance from the state course system isn't so clear for judges and litigants. This. You have an attorney. Your attorney's going to figure it all out for you and help you do this, but for your average tenant. It's gonna be really hard for them. The memo from the Office of Court Administration acknowledges some terminology may require future judicial judicial interpretation. When asked why it's not more clear spokesperson cited all changes since March, adding, as we've seen the sands shift quickly and without warning. Mostly cloudy for tonight with the steady championship around 68 Sunday just a slight chance of showers in the afternoon cloudy otherwise with a high of 64. Support for NPR comes from the National Endowment for the Arts, the federal agency that supports the arts and creativity and communities across the nation. More information is available at arts dot gov. Everybody is Jonathan Colton with asked me another call my good friend. Vera Isenberg on the telephone. The computer telephone. Here we go. Jonathan Colton High here. Hey, look atyou, different backgrounds, Different room. Fresh room, right friend knew it is a brand new room. I've actually moved offices. I spent the week moving furniture and painting and and cursing. Ugo painted furniture. But let's just first just talk about the fact that you chose. I love an accent wall. It's a bold color. It is a I'm going to say for a screen. It is a dark color. I usually shy away from dark colors My go to is just paint everything white. Yes, it's safe. And you won't notice it. The good old eggshell. Yeah, but I wanted I wanted it. I was like I spend all my time here. Yeah, and also, you know, We're doing all the zoom calls. Suddenly it feels very important that it looks good to have the background just a pile of garbage. Now I feel like it has to look good when I'm on screen. Yeah, and it has to be a color that compliments your skin tone. How did I do in that regard? I think I think it brings out your eyes. Oh, my. It's good. You know, I was. I was thinking as I was driving around Brooklyn yesterday, and I was looking in people's windows as you do. You sort of have this ability to gaze into people's apartments a little bit with if they have nice windows and just see into their life. And I just ring lights, ring lights. I know And now it's now that I'm in this new said the new room that I'm in is now in the front of the building. So now I'm looking across the street and I can see in the neighbouring building. Everybody Is doing their work when one lady who's on the phone and pacing all day sitting at his desk with a ring light, so I was thinking they should give you a ring light. That is also the same. Like therapy lamps, you know for seasonal affective. Yeah, that's a that's A That's a million dollar idea. Therapeutic therapeutic ring light. Oh, listen to that. Do you hear my neighbor's motorcycle? I do it for your neighbor's motorcycle. That's the downside of this new office..

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