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Let me get the exact wooding and i got screwed one of the the the first three were name the three elements that begin with oh oxygen that's easy one and then let me let me just try hold on i'll that the next to the other two questions the rest of the ten were name the full terrestrial planets in the soda system terrestrial does that just kind of close in size to earth class planets now believe this is what guest at least it means made of raw gashes exactly including earth or not because i thought that yeah it is including his one of them so it's just the first four yeah okay that's all it is it's just the full festival planets so mercury venus mas and the final one was named the three types of rock that exists as sedimentary ignace metamorphosis boom yeah the two elements the i guess i sort of hof gassed hof remembered one of the okay but then the other one we mentioned it on the show recently because it's a very recently named element and there was not a chance that anyone was going to get it so is it name for a person or place yeah and it's the only element the current is named named off to someone who's carney alive god damn it's and it has the atomic number one one eight yeah can you tell me what the person was named for is known for he's a physicist i think not in this lights you not challenge you would get donna liam it's so isis guest i successfully guests lashed remembered.

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