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Some spotty shower activity in parts of Clermont County, even around independence in northern Kentucky. Our current temperature is 62 degrees. Since it out these plastic bag ban will be put on hold discovered in Mike DeWine will temporarily blocked these bands in Ohio due to cover 19. A bill passed in the state House and Senate blocking all local bands, which will expire in 12 months. The reasoning is many businesses are now using single use items like the bags for carry out orders, Wine says of a similar bill. Water counter was desk in 12 months, he would probably veto it. 37 total strikeouts in the most in a major league baseball postseason game, with the red striking out 21 of those batters and a new record was set for the longest scoreless postseason game this afternoon when the Reds and Braves meant for Game one of the National League wildcard Siri's Wasn't until the bottom of the 13th when a run finally crossed the plate with a Freddie Freeman walk off single to get the Braves they won nothing win and lead in the series. The Reds face elimination tomorrow in Game two first pitch is scheduled for noon. Coverage begins on NewsRadio 700 wlw. And the I. Heart radio app. It'll oven AM with the inside pitch nationally wildcard getting underway today. The ST Louis Cardinals defeat the Padres in San Diego seven for they take a wanna lead in that Siri's Cups fall to the Miami Marlins in Chicago five won the Milwaukee Brewers will open their series against the Dodgers at 10 o'clock tonight in L. A. American League Wild card All Game two's The Tampa Bay Rays in Houston Astros are moving on to the LDS after sweeping their series the Oakland Athletics, forcing Game three with a five through win over the Chicago White Sox in Cleveland tonight. The Indians leading the New York Yankees right now by a score of four, the one going into the fourth inning. As Thie. Indians try to stay alive. Our necks update is a 10 o'clock..

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