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It is like you have to drive a stake through a mantelli italy's really debt you can't do that even in the booth you bradley cooper up there with jeffrey loria he would have been telling people have fumble that calm down it's nod over don't celebrate your yes so certainly certainly jets fans were were skeptical that would happen but it did the patriots lose and the eagles finally win their first super bowl and it's crazy it looks like it is crazy in the streets of philadelphia enjoy it phil philadelphia fans be safe be careful and yet don't hurt each other or yourself let's go to how about peter england with torn on peter hey what's going on i i have nothing against new england i'm you'd think last here i mean atlanta blew it yeah he just had to sign on the dotted line eight new england spin on the verge of defeat and they've like the skin of their teeth pulled it off and think cold and go back to seattle and if it weren't for malcolm butler would have been clobber the you know and which which makes me wonder about malcolm butler because he was the hero of that game why didn't they play him and and and you will wondering that and to specially wind it makes absolutely no sense check mayor of had an initial hunches halftime you see that your lacklustre defense to do some either putting malcolm back at least yeah exactly right when you see the nelson angler is having his way out of the slot in your guys and you're putting in johnston batter most see in jordan richards he had this hunch if you thought eric roe was going to be.

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