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In johannesburg she's in studio there and matthew green is here with me in london he's a british journalist and author and varesh knee the growing precious on the south african president jacob zuma as his time in office draws to a close must be a big concentration final concentration of yours the moment it does seem to be a bit of an obsession in the country as a whole beyond even my profession ekondo anywhere in the country without hearing someone discussing how how disgusted they are without president so a vibrant democracy they at least but of course the big news is the fact that are zuma has been very apparent has been very close to to take your family called the guy up tasr who are recent migrants from india who have an effect of you will be called captured the state they have managed to we've they influence at the highest level so that they have been able to benefit from millions of dollars in lucrative contracts this has led to allegations of money laundering and i'm in fact international agencies are getting involved in the investigation your own and i believe i am labour peer lord peter hain has written a letter to the exchequer in the uk asking for financial institutions and authorities in the uk to investigate money laundering allegations about the good family thing that uk banks might have been involved given that they were they have big pittances in hong kong where the money was in in a a diverted and in fact he is expected to patten name one of these banks on wednesday while addressing the house floor this also investigations by the fbi the us department of justice to by central bank is also looking into allegations of money laundering so it's become quite.

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