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Good but what about today You can feel the rush of a 400 horsepower Nissan Z or climb to new heights in the all terrain Nissan frontier Light up the road in the all electric Nissan aria that feels like a sci-fi dream come true The future will be great but today is made for thrill All you have to do is get in a Nissan and drive 2023 Arya and Z not yet available for purchase expected availability of this spring for 2023 Z and this fall for 2023 aria For gas at a new high Saturday $5 for a gallon of regular Here at this BP station in Brooklyn the price of a gallon of regular gas $5 and 15 cents It costs George Chen $68 to fill up his SUV but he's got to do it He needs it for work That sucks you know Like as a person that drives around a lot you know do film production Just got to increase my prices based off the gas prices For Joseph Pierre who drives a taxi It's even worse I lose the money before when I put a 2025 Now I put it 40 45 It will lose the money because some passenger care about that They don't tip you I'm Julie Walker at a gas station in Brooklyn New York AP news for Friday June 10th I'm Tim McGuire In the follow-up to the House select committee's first public hearing on the with war raging on fronts to the eastern south the summer of 2022 is proving a bitter one for the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv A scenic picture of locals bathing in a part of the dnieper river known as Venice Beach may give the illusion that all is back to normal in the Ukrainian capital for 19 year old cybersecurity student valeria the thought of war constantly looms in the back of her head And we hear the siren It's really scary In the center of town violinist marquin lukin nuk plays his violin.

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