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I'm not going to be cynical. Mike here is just like it's just interesting to me that the giants Ryan ownership care so much about ally manning's feelings I guess in many ways it's cool to see that seen him walking off the field and go into his family was a heart warming but and I know he's won two super bowls. That confused the hell out of a lot of people when you sort of juxtaposed that with the rest of his career should they seem to be working extra hard to protect the man's feelings I mean what are they protecting. You gave the gave him his last game. Th they're done. Why not give it? Like what's wrong with giving him his last game and giving him that moment is i. Don't think he's GonNa play this season out. I think Daniel Jones is GonNa take bows the last home game. It was cool. I don't I thought it was weird that they had to. Do you think that the Daniel Jones injury was really that bad or do you think they were like okay. You're a little banged up Dana. Yeah Johnson will let Eli have this mean. High Ankle sprains depending on the severity. They I mean they can be worse than a break sometimes. So it's just I guess when I coupled pull this with the weird thing that happened with mcadoo when he did like the hard thing and broke up with Eli Manning and then Eli Manning is back that's weird and just I guess what I saw yesterday reminded me of that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Devante. Parker are here to mess your fantasy leagues up garbage edge time devante Parker. We didn't really get into this. But signing that extension It's an interesting story for him. Because obviously dealt with injuries a lot early on in his dolphin career fell out of favor with previous staffs it seemed as though history would look back on that traffic and say that was a bus of of a draft pick. But he's had a very good season. Yeah and now I feel like it's kind of flying under the radar because people I feel like Dolphin fans at this point or just a little. Let's get to the draft like yeah I know I am like I'm cat very casually watching these often teams. Yeah but he's the best dolphin wide receiver since one. Oh my God. We're doing that with him. Jeez since Jarvis Landry got about Jarvis but is he stepping on the season having that good of a season. I haven't looked at the numbers every time I look up wrecking somebody and fantasy with Shag. Oh I'm sorry devante. Parker is like catching some deep. Pass from Ryan. Patrick seems to establish a really good chemistry with Ryan Fitzpatrick who to his credit. It's played pretty. Well considering the deck that stacked against him so devante Parker Reportedly going to send a four year extension. which what's the number on that I don't know the number? That's I just saw. Twenty twenty four is in line firm which just just sorta surprised me because I thought this was a failed experiment but he's sort came finally came online. This season established a decent chemistry with Ryan Fitzpatrick. And you seem to though as was you've found a wide receiver that can help. Whoever the next quarterback I'd say like a good number two I like I don't know we're not talking like number one? I know for us right now number one right now. Like ideally I. Don't think you want him to be your number one if you have a good team. Yeah but I don't know man like like I must be sleeping on this season more than I thought because I knew he was having an okay season but I. I'm really curious to see what that how much they're paying them for four years. 'cause it's a good sign. They locked him over. Four years ever evaded a lot of their other assets and he's built a piece he could be a piece. I'll give you that. What he he dug himself out of the doghouse really because he was not they held in high regard by the previous regime? And it's it's called the see that even though some of the people in front office are holdovers. Coaching staff took a whole fresh approach to him and gave gave him an opportunity and he flourished. Yeah this year Great weekend for the Miami Heat. I don't know if you guys saw the last two minute report but we beat the Lakers that that was phenomenal and then to go to Dallas on the back end of a back to back and we all watched that one. We all watched it. We were all there in front of our iphones just glued to it Ted blowing a twenty three point lead and then going overtime Dallas Mavericks Against a team that lost Luca Danni early but a big win regardless. Let's talk about that game on on Friday though because it was a really good game and watched it start to watch. You didn't watch the the LAKER game either now. I did watch. We can actually talk about that one like Saturday night. We were at the event during the Dallas game. So it's tough to actually watch down to. What is their third point? Guard option and Jimmy Butler essentially being their point guard. Tyler hero is dribbling Tyler Taylor hero was flatly off that game. I know he was dealing with an illness. But not not a good performance from Tyler. Hero against the Lakers Occurs Lakers length. And and just power there. That is a strong team. They will bully you. And if you're the last few minutes report they will bully you due to the point that they break the rules of the game but I mean Anthony Davis pretty good Anthony Davis really good. Lebron James Very Lebron. James was phenomenal. His court vision. Some of those passes asses. Were just insane. Anthony Davis is one of those guys that over the years because he plays in the west and I just happened to see a lot of Pelican game so obviously I know. Anthony Davis also heard a lot right so like he's just one of those stars that I have always heard about but you don't get to see him watch you. Don't get to watch him a lot of games over the years so just seeing him at his is best and now this year with like the step back threes. Like he's just and the thing is I thought Silva who got additional playing time specifically because I guess staffer liked how Silverwood matchup against Anthony Davis I Silva did as good a job as possibly hoped for from a young player in that situation and Anthony Davis was just all world. Yeah so oh the Miami Heat still with all that being said had had a look at the end To tie the game and Jimmy Butler according to lie. I didn't even think that was a foul. When I was watching? Gotcha now. Maybe they're the one that I honestly had a problem with. I know that they said that Jimmy Bulloch was fouled by Lebron on which would have been two free throws and the ball When they were trying to deny Jimmy Butler the ball in Obviously on the game tying shot attempt. They're saying Jimmy. Bala was fouled on that. The only thing that I was really upset about while watching that game live was the obvious double dribble miss on the other end of the court but I think the national media all in all came away impressed with Miami. I know the Lakers team had really good things to say about the Miami Heat saying. That's a really good team out there that they can be special out east and when you read the last few minutes report you certainly feel better about. It doesn't change the result but but you get a win the very next night and the Miami Heat seemed to be at this point in the season. I think we have pretty representative sample. That says I know two three and four are very close in the eastern conference and so a very good team might find itself at a see. That's not really reflective of that but the Miami Heat I think of established that they are legit legit and going to be one of these top eastern conference teams going forward. Look injuries serious. That's going to be a couple of weeks but The xrays came back. Negative not a break for him but certainly did catch a break in that he didn't get the inflatable noodle..

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