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I can't wait to your or your podcast. So yeah we're going to start off with what this means for the NFL. So basically obviously adding really superstar receiver like Antonio Antonio Brown to a team like New England. Patriots is absolutely amazing The New England patriots already really good without adding a guy like Ab will just make the team way better but I think going into the NFL. Season Bill Belichick is GONNA sit down Antonio Brown be like you know. Cut To be as the drama or your games. That's what they're here to do flat out in the end And I think he's GonNa listen because I think his entire plan personally or slander a contender. I think he never wanted to play for the raiders in the he made. It seem like it So he made of Straw which is still not a great thing to do but works he got on. He got on the Patriots hits and were basically. He wants to go to a contender. He got onto a contender announced. GonNa play alongside guys like Julian Josh Gordon and catch passes from Tom Brady But obviously this makes you know a lot of other. NFL teams really question. Russian you know like Oh my Gosh Hauer GonNa. How we'RE GONNA cover Antonio Brown Julie Josh Gordon how are we gonNA cover all these guys you know. WHO ARE WE GONNA put on Element Almond 'cause? He's an amazing slot receiver who were going to put on a be. It's GonNa be hectic in me as a Patriots Fan. I'm very happy that this is going to happen Hopefully Josh Gordon gets his act around. Doesn't get suspended again. I really hope doesn't I don't think he particularly will. I think he's clean but we'll have to see we'll definitely have to see Then that's what it means for the NFL side of things. Now we're gonNA move onto what this means for the fantasies out of the book okay. So now we're going to talk about what this means for the fantasy side of things. Obviously this does bring back. Julian bring down. Sorry Julia Donaldson and Josh Gordon. Because obviously those are going to be the top two targets. ABC's there and I think Tom Brady will be looking for a be more. Never so I think Jewish an-and will definitely his fantasy numbers project. Officially numbers will drop down a bit but obviously his first week. I think go pretty much. Be The same slated between Josh Gordon and we I don't even know maybe in later seasons of the week this may be might even bring them down even more because who knows maybe the big man gronk will be back. Who knows You know so you never really know this fantasy type stuff but obviously Juliette on Got Josh Gordon. Obviously it will be going down. Josh born probably a little bit more than Delman But probably not by much just because Tom Brady is really good at spreading the game out and finding open targets on but ah for. Tom Brady his finished. Numbers about skyrocket up. So if Tom Brady's available in your league he's definitely not available on all my leaks. He's obviously my favorite player not always draft them but if he's available in your leagues go snack. SNAP SNACK HIM UP. I'm I'm stuttering today. Like crazy I'm sorry. Go snatch him up in your league league. He's if he's available you won't regret it on. Maybe see how he plays a week then go ahead and start him. Obviously in Sleeper Dynasty Leagues. There is a flex option. Where you can play quarterbacks so you can even do that But Yeah for the fantasize things does shake up the entire patriots offense but I don't think it would too much on in. Oh yeah also for Sony Michelle Sony. Michelle probably won't go down that much. I still think they're going to run. The football. James White will definitely be taking a hit so if you did if you are Sir James Way. I suggest he's GonNa take a huge hit with the US already gonNA take a huge on an with this Taken you a bigger one so Ya just don't don't use James White us. I not really worth it. You can have on your bench though. See how he performs. Maybe he's like you know if you listen to like Matthew Berry or whatever you know see what he says but I don't think if you have James White. Starting I suggest not to see how he plays for a couple of weeks and then make your decision whether to start him or not but I know definitely do not stardom stardom week two week three patriots officer. Just GonNa get used to having Antonio Brown in the offense and obviously to marry Thomas will be taking a huge huge. Aren't even think he'll play all that much. Maybe on some sub packages whatever someone gets injured he might come in Myers I don't think he's is GonNa be that big of an impact this season Nicole. Harry's obviously gonNA come back later this year so we'll have to see how this all plays out with fantasy wise but obviously football wise allies. NFL wise decisions can be dangerous and scary. And I definitely with this move. If Antonio Brown I think Antonio Brown and put them over the edge so yes now we're GonNa talk about what this means for you know just an outlook of the NFL will look like with Antonio Neo Brown on the Patriots also talked about what it meant for the Patriots. Obviously what I said what it means to the NFL. I kinda meant what it meant for the Patriots our GonNa say what it means for the NFL But I am a Patriots Fan so obviously I love this move. I think a visa great player. I think you know he can obviously fix this personal stuff. But let's take a look. Look at you know like what is division you know people look like. Obviously you have the New York jets with his former triple B member Bells on the jets. Now you have the buffalo bills which is almost traded to March. I was kind of funny. Is On was traded. Their March Obviously he said notes that deal on basically quickly sneaking the buffalo bills like he did the Oakland Raiders who Anonymously Miami Dolphins who are absolutely getting shellacked by the Ravens Evans Right now. The dolphins will start Antonio Brown. If on your fantasy team against the dolphins because next week in Tokyo Bronson absolutely go Nutso Nutso on the dolphins because they suck. They're so bad this year. Any who on obviously for the AFC rivals the chiefs. I think that'd be a fun match up to watch. Obviously both DIV. Obviously Patriots defense is a average. Their defense is pretty good. It's pretty average. Obviously obviously with coach. Bela check it's going to be above average but as far as the town goes is pretty average chiefs defenses lackluster unlocking talking. I'm not GonNa you know sugar. Kota Devin are gonNA sugar coated Chief the events. It's very very very lacklustre. But their offense is absolutely amazing. Patrick Mahomes is amazing. quarterback absolutely amazing quarterback probably one of the greatest old time when it's all said and done title kills in amazing receiver. I would have known you what's happening right now. He just went out of the game with a shoulder injury so we have no idea what's happening with him right now but Sammy Watkins showing up right now. Obviously this offense is going to be a lot to handle sean. McCoy's there now. So we have no idea you know if the chiefs offense obviously we will have an idea if the chiefs offense can overtake the chiefs defense bullied or no if it can. I mean I'm out I'm singer now anyways but the Jacksonville Jaguars Also has really chance at going up against the Patriots. 'cause obviously they have Jalen Ramsey Egypt way they can easily clamp bob on they can easily clamp up Tony Brown join Ireland when needed Their front sevens amazing. They can probably stuff Sony. Michelle the Jacksonville. Jaguars have a pretty good chance opposite. FOLGER's came into the game overnight to see if Gartner meant you can step up but if it falls this is only one game thing I think is scenic foles. Also obviously he lit up to Patriots before I think can do it again. I think they're legitimate threat or announced. The Patriots is the Jacksonville Jaguars and the chiefs are the Texans. His defense has fallen apart But their offense is really good now they still. Jj Watt but. I don't think there's anyone who can particularly cover in Tonio Brown around Jewish settlements and Josh Gordon. I don't think there's anything that can handle them by those are two. AFC South Jags in the Texans and And then you also have. The chargers chargers are a legitimate threat to the patriots waived or without a B. chargers probably the best team in the AFC talent wise on. They just have to put it together. I think they could easily win the AFC this year. We'll just have to see if they can beat the chiefs. I think they can easily beat the chiefs because of the defense and how Ostrov charges defenses. But she's offense as too much to handle So yeah but I think in the end of the day I think you see. The Patriots headed to another Super Bowl world championship. Aby If he if maybe who knows maybe he's going to be a bad you know maybe he's going to be a good fit but we'll we'll see we'll see how it all plays out will see how it goes but obviously it's only one of the season he's not even GonNa play tonight against the steelers which is former team. We'll see how things go we'll see we'll see we'll see we'll see that's all we can say at this point in time we'll see we'll see we'll see so Yeah so yeah There is a be featured episode. Thank you guys for listening to this episode of the buzzers force fat cast. Make sure to keep up with everything that's going on with us. Obviously right now. We're pretty busy as a school. Era just started obviously zero eighth grade so we can't post you know consistently but we try our best to do so we can't guarantee anything for at least the next couple of months but if we do do something can guarantee that it will be a good product on so thank you guys for listening to this podcast We appreciate your support. Allots a really helps us out So thank you guys and hopefully soon by base..

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