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They opened the casino. And so you know it's it's it is a big business and how is that. The sun is is connected to the fall of bolo the sun business. How is that connected. What does that have to do with jack. Abromov stepping in and and the the political trouble that he then got in okay so The establishment was invested in the indian. Tries they there was so much money to be made The rival seminole tribe of florida was. I believe it was the first tribe in the nation to acquire a Las vegas style. Casino or casino type of machine so they had a lot vested in in the success. Of of the seminal tribe There were Different bills passed one by a freight wolf. Virginia who tried to pass legislation that would curtail the cruises to nowhere and There were also efforts by By by lobbyists one was a walter brown who had spearheaded the monte carlo of he represented on high marine and was eventually Eventually fell into trouble for the dual representation about above union members and the governments which And lobbying for the government's which employed Those individuals So there was a lot of corruption within the jayme boating industry And some gospel as was like really the sole game in town And the seminoles were trying to how how they should Kinda shut him down at the time. I guess Donald trump are former president He had retained greenberg charring as lobbyists to help The seminal tribe acquirer casino. A one of his former executives Jim allen was a ceo of gaming for that tribe and so they were lobbing aggressively they had plans on acquiring the hard rock franchise Which was a massive undertaking. They didn't have the money to do it. the only to talk about the hardware phase around the country. Hard rock cafe is correct. Now what it means. Donald trump is a businessman who is a private businessman have a financial share in. The seminal. isn't without it. i believe so. I think she was his view. Was that He was unable to compete against the indians. Since they were given a lot of tax advantages and so he he went in she was given opportunity. I believe on might have which might have been made possible by the clintons to get involved in the tribal gaming and this was at a time when he was running. Casinos laird sitting correct. Okay so we'll talk to you about the whole business so then after about trump's in how did abbotabad that run afoul of the government. When did he fall out of favor. And why it's a good question so He ended up partnering with a fellow by the name of adam to dan Who was a bankrupt. Disbarred attorney Abramov was fairly shrewd that he had. Good judgment overall. And had he known about academic background he never would have gone into business with him but added. Dan represented that he had sold his his Mattress business for a large sum of money. He knew jack from their college republican days and he on approached him with an opportunity to go into business together. So a jack need an agreement that he would Us that's what the the the The closing costs but that he would handle regulatory matters in the governmental aspects..

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