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If coming to the health center and giving. For hours twice a month is too much than leisurely kicking back watching TV in sewing hearts is a great way to give. Well, I think we ought to tell people a little bit about the hearts because we though the what we really really brought us together. I had written about Georgia. Now, see this the part of my mind that remembers names judges what was her less. Judges daughter Illinois are. Yeah. Yeah. And she we met her on oxide. I've been telling people about my new book in this is the last chapter in the book is chew tells approaches sound write it down. Anyway, we went there, and we we would with the show is called my hometown. And we would go and spend several days on location and ask the people that live there. But they wanted to tell about what they wanted people to know. So I met a net Lenore, and she was she had just gotten started making a feeling hearts as we call him. Why didn't you tell a little bit about what the hearts were in how share? Yeah. Senator feely hearts history. There is thirty years old. So bear with me as I tried piece it together but back in nineteen eighty eight or celebrating our thirty th year this year, which is so exciting. We had volunteered. Still have she's still volunteering with us thirty years later, Margie Williams who was in. Our little group are four to six year old kiddos, and she created this large kind of hand held size. Velvet heart to use a talking stick for the kids in groups. So they could paddle around did know who was talking and the kids were reluctant to give it up 'cause it was squishy in comforting. And so they were cuddling with the heart. So she decided to make smaller handheld ones for them as a comfort item to have in group, and they took off from there. The kids where passing him to other friends of theirs or other family members that they thought needed comfort, and so she'd make more make more make more and it's now become this large program where we get requests from all over the world asking us to mail them feeling hearts because they read about it in my grandfather's blessing, which is a book that features them, and they're just all over now, which will the part of the story that I know is that it is. I say I visited visited Lenore now at the time were there a lot of people making heart. She was the only one I do. I think it was Margie and Lenore for good many years and people would hear about it or see them and ask how they could get involved in make them right now. Our biggest contributors are the valley lions clubs. That's group of folks that make them for us. And then there's five eight ADA Epsilon or find ADA kaffa. Can't remember it's the national Honor Society university Puget Sound led by Alison paradise. They make several hearts for us. And then we get boxes shipped throughout the year will just come into the office one day in there will be a box of hearts from Florida or from New York, and it's really fun to see how people can start them differently in. They're all very unique. Now, the ones I haven't actually have a good my house the volunteers have made since Lenore passed away that they just thought you know, that you would like it. But we didn't know where to take them. So this good. So I do have those. But. They are little about all I'd say that to the ones we have by two and a half inches across maybe a little about that size, and they are a squishy feely. That's a Georgia. Roar was the starter kind of call him that for us this. They were feeling hearts, and so we had box bags and factory. We were there last to do the show, and she was we had the picture papers last one we had ever adventure. She was eighty at my age and win. We sat there on the on the air on camera. And she even so she was like, I say she was passed passed eighty past and she is slowly away. And she was able to make a heart in about four minutes. And I was nearly able to get my needle threat. So it was it was quite, but it meant the thing that thing that struck me about the hearts as far as Lenora was concerned one. She was very very concerned and. Glad about where they were going and she felt very obligated because she didn't want any child who wanted our our adults not just children who wanted to go without. So the day. We were there a little little I think it was a little granddaughter was playing in the basket of heart shoot again in there. You know, pile them over herself she was about four, I suppose, but anyway, I I so associate the hearts with with Lenore, and she would get up in the more in those days that was her work. She would get up in the morning. She would that she would have rectus. She would go to work making it really really was heartwarming. But I think I think it's good to point out to people that if there's something that you can do that you want to do or that you are able to do don't let the fact that. It doesn't seem to be hitting in the norm hold

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