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The year he's had last year and to some extent your before and if he plays at that level for another year we have okay well this is what wide receivers who produces much get paid you know there there's a really sort of simple correlation there it's you you get this many art you know you are this productive over this amount of years you're going to get this amount of money with anthony barr i mean there's just the his obviously he has a huge impact on the field no one saying that but his numbers aren't really there this is the guy who had four sacks a rookie and has had six and a half over the ensuing three years one interception over the course of his career in minnesota during the regular season no fourth fumbles last year after racking up six over the previous three years do you think it's important for him to have a not only a successful twenty thousand seater that maybe productive twenty eight thousand season where he does sort of fill up the statute absolutely i mean we expect deal to get done with his team just with the way that they've done it in the past you know early training camp middle you know beginning training camp for training camp i'm not sure that there's going to be anything just given the type of players that they're trying to sign and what's going to happen the next few weeks i wouldn't be surprised this drags into training camp or even further beyond that it's interesting 'cause this spring bill they they were playing bar outside more and what we were able to be little bit not as the more so three day mini camp they had in june and enrich film and talked about the defensive line rotation that's something that you know philly obviously had jacksonville have it the vikings want that as well so maybe you do play ball off the edge and send him into get quarterback and maybe that increases his value because it will certainly increase what he's doing on the field and maybe that translates to statistics you know in advance indicate that they don't want to really do this right now they wanna play this thing out or even if they wanted signed diggers 'cause they're i mean i think a lot of people come to the foregone conclusion that bar staying regardless because that's one of my members core players it might not be but you still have the franchise had available i think that's the best thing you could have possibly done with getting hundred on that frees you know that you know certainly we're going to do something to try to keep in pass rushers or premium so if you didn't find him now you'd definitely would use the franchise tag on him but maybe that becomes the option for anthony barr after the season if he does have you know indeed a very productive year so obviously whether they signed bar was they signed digs whether they signed both and there's a lot of players getting raises over the course of this one or two year stretch and they did just send kirk cousins to i believe a three year he made again a big number guaranteed somewhere in the eighties which is a big number big cap number for sure so and there's not really much flexibility in terms of that that can't figure that the vikings can really do in terms of creating space which can normally do with the five or six year quarterback contract you can create some cap space you can't do that with kirk cousins contracts so is there a guy or two on the roster who think you know even if he's a core part of this team right now might be on the bubble when it comes to the twenty nine hundred offseason or even possibly the twenty twenty off season just for cap raisins in terms of restructuring they're going to have to do something with kyle rudolph's ideal next year and seven point six million dollar catch it which is going to be thirty years old he's getting up there you know in his prime right now but as those years start to start to get up there even more with the biking his whole career i would i could see that number dropping and then asking him to.

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