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Oh my god here we go. What are we guide. Let's start this first winter I not to be aaron for her now. I i is nate ria nate. Rea- you win. Hey dan you want to write these down for me bro. dude you have. Ron let me know. I bugged in every week after we get done with these. I'm like they. Can you sorry man. Now do it. Now i'm bugging the people in discord. Let me let me know when you're ready down. Rain adrienne second second second winter chick. Fight stephen liska. Stephen liska stephen paliska. Congratulations next winter project. Fight three more. Three more chick by john counts john carroll. You're a winner. Your winning accounts number four number. Four wayne swaggart wayne swagger you to digital copy chick might sway gert. That's a really interesting last name right next winter next winter last winter. Last winter of chick fight nicholas tones. Nicholas tony arson tones. I like some cool. Congratulations congratulations now. We're going go over our winters for the movie spell fox. Big paper jason. I'm kidding we guessing wins again. Stephen liska stephen plus getting spell as well see here. People are entering these things. I'm telling you don't even talk to me about competitions. Tammy hatfield second. Winter spell journey failed inserted. A jake mccoy joke here. Who was the first winner. This stephen bliss skar he want again. No kidding john councilmens again. I'm telling you nobody's entering these folks things seriously as in john wins again. You want again congrats. John it's the same people answering the each one. So rob forest. A was that for that is for all right. Final winner rob forest. A forest graphics wins spell and number five nate. Rea- wins again all right and now. I've got four copies. Four copies digital copies of jungle land nother do just one more disposable. You get the game now. Okay all right tony. William dixon.

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