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Foxen faxes Kristin Goodwin has the details in a post Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg reveals the company is working with the United Nations foundation and the World Health Organization to start a covert nineteen solidarity response fund where anyone can donate he says the social network plans to match up to ten million dollars in donations in another ten million for the CDC foundation which will launch a fundraiser in the next few weeks focused on combating the outbreak in the U. S. Zuckerberg thanking all those working to minimize the impact of the pandemic the Facebook fundraiser raising over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars within hours Christine good when fox news apple has suspended service at all retail stores outside of China for the next two weeks to slow the spread of the corona virus and movie theaters remaining open though this weekend but encouraging space fox's Michelle Paulino reports Sam C. and regal theaters will remain open however they are asking for some space but two big theater chains will be reducing their theater capacity by fifty percent both companies citing the corona virus concerns and health and safety of their patrons and staff AMC said the fifty percent rule will remain in effect until April thirtieth both companies said the theater chains will follow strict cleansing protocols to keep everyone safe by emphasizing frequent cleaning of high contact points at all theatres and educating the staff on prevention of proper hand washing it would deter this weekend bloodshot I still believe and the hunt Michelle Paulino fox news current affairs and traveling concerns of delayed an expected guilty plea for former UAW president Gary Jones he was due to appear in federal court in Detroit on Thursday he's accused of conspiring with cronies within the UAW to embezzle more than one million dollars in his next appearance.

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