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Check. Gronk and the patriots. We'll talk all things NFL Adam Schefter just afternoon. You got that? Right. Bear spares bears. That's where we're concentrating on extensive one on Sunday, Tom Brady and the boys are compare snick Bose's, leaving Ohio State other news and notes and some of the best match ups of the weekend with res-q Davis just after one. And of course, we're keeping our eye on the LCS's. Join us for all the fun starting at eleven forty five crosstalk on ESPN one thousand in the ESPN app. Thanks carney. Welcome back ESPN one thousand the Pat cap, by the way, inter interesting interview said Hartman, he's gotta be close to ninety. He's gotta be. He was writing his column when I was a student in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight to eighty two in Minnesota. He's ninety eight no way. Sit Harpen is a still writing is born March fifteenth nineteen twenty he's ninety eight years old. Wow. So he just got an expansive exclusive interview with Glenn Taylor the Timberwolves owner yesterday. And he said he is reached an understanding with four-time all-star Jimmy Butler, and they will continue trying to trade him. But that he will play to his full ability Butler told Taylor as he did last year when he was healthy and go all out until that trade is made Taylor said you have my word we will try and make a deal that's best for this team. He also said interesting Tom job is not in any danger. His job is safe. He said, I'm okay with how he's handled it initially when Butler told February wanted to leave, you know, Tom that everything he could try to keep Jimmy here. And I understand all of that. But they have a close relationship. Tips brought him here. So we thought he would stay here. Eventually, I think listening the Jimmy Tibbs are lined up on this. But he is safe. About that. That's price. You. Surprised me that sid is getting an interview ninety eight years of age about that. He's on Twitter to the way. Sid harvey. Blue checkmark market. Everything's like a podcast as well. I bet you he does Snapchat. You know? That's gotta be cap caps going to be ninety eight still on Snapchat. I hope so. I hope to God. You're right. Paleo liquid. I had the days get into by little rascal make my way around ninety eight. I'll come visit you, Danny? And I are both be gone eat grain, free and God's. We're still around kid. Well, if you're if you're coming to visit me, I'm still around as well. You don't know where we're visiting. Wow. Jack. Percent hundred percent ninety eight years old. And he's still get an exclusive interviews that the bars been set cap when you're ninety eight that'll be what three years from now. How funny? Ninety eight year have still trying to break stories. Great cubs. Love had at what five world championships by then. By the time. I'm night. They better have more than that. Gets you. You're so long way to go man long way to go anyway, three one two three three two three seven seven six Darin Svenson said regarding sid hartman's column. Glenn Taylor owns the Minneapolis Star Tribune. So it wasn't a tough get. Come over and see for a minute. I need some quotes got it done. Let's go to the phones John rolling that has been holding since last week. Hey, John what's going on sparkles, cookie? What's up, dude? What do you got? I'll tell you this. You know, Danny and the good guy. They're talking sense. You know, I mean, I got a couple of friends that have cornered the market on the leftover club. Cool eight I'm telling you I've got with like three or four of my friends every time with the bears play the patriots. They come out from underneath the rocks. And they want to throw money at me. And I've won every time. The thing is the big thing is first of all the bears have not beaten these guys two thousand okay? What does that Brady Brady has never lost to a twenty five year old quarterback? They're undefeated. But the biggest thing this is the thing. I wanted to bring to the table. Okay. This is what I want a break. Braiding walks up to that line of scrimmage teams, smells, a Brits package coming. He's steps back and he's signals to wide receivers worry wants them to go. And what he wants them to do. He steps back into that shotgun and the middle that feels better not be open because somebody will catch the ball and take it along way. That's you never know. What to do? He changes the play at the line of scrimmage at least ninety percent of the time. Yes. So do a lot of guys we appreciate the call. So do a lot of quarterback. He's a great football player. There's no doubt about it. But guess what? They're going to be there to compete the Chicago Bears. They're gonna show up and they're gonna play their ass off. And they're going to do all they can to try and win a stink in football game. We're not gonna roll over here. Yes. What we're going to get our head kicked in stopped at us. Let's go drive. That's right. Like, no team has ever said. Oh, we're going to be ready for Tom Brady, strap it on. And let's. Team to think about now. Strap it on. And let's go you don't have to say that again. What's the twice was enough? We got it. We get it. My tribute the hawk so come on it. This is silly narrative that all my God their hair it's over. He's the best ever. We lived in a city where we had the best ever and Michael Jordan when he went to other people's towns sure they wanted their team to compete, but they knew he was the best ever. We're not. Did he go undefeated? He never lost a game. They play eighty two games. Come on. Let let let's not go for me Z here. That's ridiculous statement that he never went undefeated. Did he ever lose in the big game? No. Because he's the greatest ever Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game period. You could say all you want about how the bears are ready. They know he's coming, blah, blah, blah. Every team knows. He's coming. You. Gotta stop them. You gotta stop Greg couldn't stop Brock Osweiler. I have not predicted a victory simply said now. This narrative that oh my God Tom Brady, he's to roll out of bed with Giselle, you're gonna shop Chicago. We ought to follow his feet. Go hair. Tom takes sixty points. Stick down your pipe and smoke it. By the way. Did you see a got a new nickname from John? Good guy. A good guy. Good. Good good. Good guy. A good guy though. Thank you, Danny. Appreciate that. Yes. You are Pat. Thank you. Let's quickly. Get Matt in York, Pennsylvania o clock responsibility. Matt hang on. We'll get you on the excited about the bears. And we got more callers three one two three three. Stop sign. I was we are Anthony Deering says please promise me in twenty years. You're funny. Hampton when I'm ninety eight that I'm not still doing morning videos from the shower. We'll take a quick time out of your Justice..

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