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Let's dive into your essay specifically because you're looking at video as a platform in this lens and at the at the risk of putting words in your mouth like i'd roughly summarize your thesis as like in this new video era of tiktok go through. The history of tv is just a lean back engagement than you came in and said well it can be a one minute video or twenty four hour video whenever now tiktok will it can be a fifteen like. Yeah yeah so now. Inter activity is baked in also with tiktok. It's not lean back so this opens up a whole world of possibilities for education shopping the whole lot so tell me about this like how does this open up new vistas in the gauge. Sort of tiktok video world. Yeah totally i. If i had to summarize the fm one sentence. I would say video historically was something exactly like you said we used to lean back and watch it and now video is going to be something that we do which means you are interacting with some way you are responding to whether to in the same way that when you're gaming you you like we kind of hate the cut scenes and gaming because we can't be involved in it like you're saying that video can be engaging all the time like gaming has been yes go ahead exactly exactly and and that engagement means that can disrupt every kind of normal human interaction that we had in the offline world. I'm saying video. It's going to develop new features so that alda's human interactions can work just as well if not better in an online world and you. You pointed out that. This was happening even before kobe. Hit because you know streaming had been rising going back even five years six years or whatever but it helped but like so again. You feel like that. This is a moment that we were building towards on. We're gonna hit eventually one hundred percent. I do think this amount. We are going to hit no matter what now of course. Everyone knows how to use them. I think a lot of people about webcams a lot of people tablets. Whatever it is the people yes now have more of the hardware equipment. They need to enter this new era. But i don't think ultimately changes that we were going to get here anyways because videos just another way for you to interact with another human and rather than just reading about something or listening about something you actually can see the person and so naturally videos more fun. It makes everything more fun right if i am even right now as a recording. This podcast if i did this just by audio and i couldn't see you on your cool purple shirt. Not he as fun right. But i see you and i see her background. Moving your microphone setup. An i feel like i'm talking to you in a completely different way than just a normal phone call and so video brings things alive and it makes things more fun and again going back to why socials powerful social is more fun and in the end say i do think everything has to be more fun. 'cause if i can choose between a fund education platform at not fun on. I'm definitely choosing the fun. One if i can choose between a fun finance app or a or a not fun finance. I'm choosing the phone. One and a lot of it is because fun gives us the motivation to do things that we didn't want to do anyways. You know it takes vitamins. It turns into candy. Well so let's get into some of the actual applications like use cases that you're seeing here and since you mentioned education. Let's start with that. Like specifically like what can we do with this new type of interactive video era in education. A such an education for video in particular have been studying for a few years because it's very big sector in china and very quickly grinding. A a lot of moms specially in the tier one cities are now using their tablets for math lessons for science lessons for art lessons for every single subject really for online coding. You name it. And what's been really powerful is in this new video world. You're not just talking to a a talking head on the other end of the video you're incorporating cartoons you're using puppets you are using arcade game in the actual class to kind of reinforce the curriculum you know in my essay i talk about how an attack this is really a a math. Meets mickey mouse moment. Imagine taking all the best folks who create video games and ask them to create first grade math curriculum. I guarantee you. it's gonna be more fun. It's gonna be more engaging it's going to have sound effects it's gonna have stickers that fly across the screen and all of those things make it more motivating for the student to complete the actual lesson well and like as an example like what i found compelling hitting a first grade curriculum. You're right up my alley right now Because i've got a first grader. That's struggling over zoom at the moment but like things like you know we've known for years that hey if in this modern era if you wanna learn to play guitar or something like that you can go to youtube and for free get these masterclasses but again. It's sort of this old paradigm of all right. I m lectured to. But i can't really i found it really fascinating you're describing the sort of interactivity where it's like learning to play guitar piano whatever it is not only is. The person live instructing teaching in front of you. But your interaction back and forth like you can see the actual like you're okay. You've got that cord. Let's move onto this cord. That sort of thing. Yes exactly so so it. Almost mimics does actually a hundred percent in the neck like a real live instructor right there in your room and oftentimes these courses are recorded so during the week before your next lesson you can go back and review things these platforms could also eventually incorporate a so that. When i'm playing something. Maybe i have a Even without my live instructor on how. I can improve my guitar planes. I might be posted clips of songs. That i'm working on and i might find a community of other people learning guitar and they can write comments on how i can improve or even. Just give me more validation. That i'm doing a good job There's a lot of things are possible on this online world. That are really hard to replicate in the offline and an ed tech in particular I think it super is you create this curriculum. Once.

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