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It was nasty. Four adults to children were complaining of nausea and vomiting when they're frontier. Airlines flight landed yesterday Cleveland Hopkins international airport shut off all the water fountains. In concourse A out of concern about a common link between illnesses. Police are investigating a shooting in west Columbus that happened at a home on Lee run court Ahmed, Noor Osmond later died at the hospital. His death is the first homicide of two thousand nineteen no information on a motive or a suspect has been released. We're kidding ourselves. If we say, oh, no we're taking protocols that's going to happen here. A kid in one second a two year old could jump through something out of his parents have. We're gonna have to make some other barrier to ensure that small towel cannot not get through there. It happened in Cincinnati. When a child fell in a guerrilla pit leading to the shooting death of Harambee the zoos prize silverback gorilla now in Florida, a small child wound up inside of a rhinoceros enclosure at a zoo, south of Orlando on New Year's day, just released an updated state more. They said this whole thing lasted just a matter of seconds. But the girl was seriously injured here, this you also saying that the snout about Lisa. One of the rhinoceroses made contact with the child the toddler had to be airlifted as a trauma alert her mother taken to the hospital as well. With an injury to her arm ABC's Victor oquendo in North Carolina, a wild animal shelter near Durham is closed indefinitely during an investigation as to how an intern was killed by a lion. I'm Matt Reese, your ABC six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds. It's the front of the furnace. I could see why the couple thought they needed to replace it. This is my queens president of care heating and cooling earlier the couple who shared the house with three cats had another company service the furnace because the pilot was out after working on the tech announced. He had fixed the problem, but the furnace was dangerous and had to be replaced after giving them the cost for a new furnace. He locked and a couple of called me for a competitive quote with the furnace off I took a closer. Look the cause of the problem became obvious. A kept toy had been stuffed into the heat exchanger with the toy removed the furnace ran perfectly. How did the toy get there? Well..

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