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And really sick situation is going on here dangerous because obviously the obvious reasons but it sick because of the way he's doing it because it's all about him it's all about his needs his his his desperation desperation to look important into accomplished something that he thinks nobody else has so he does all these deranged and says all these derange things that endanger the entire world really so a google anyway john dean john dean yes he's commenting here on headline who was the outed who was step on helper the fbi source who assisted the russia investigation and john dean says there's nothing here for trump to make helper and obama obama spy harper is a longtime republican and academic i remember him at the nixon white house i'm outing harper for newness trump is merely showing more of incompetence which is endless i'm sorry in not i'm in in in outing harper for i'm i'm half asleep and you're also oh reading his typos on the guy's name but that's okay oh am i i'm john dean that went away to my my brain's working today are helper is a longtime we're going to act democ thank you and and in outing in in outing helper arbor for newness trump is merely showing more of his incompetence which is endless again forgive me i was up at three in the morning with a puppy i that's not your fun john dean twice used to type on the guy's name should it okay.

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