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Dreams of education or drop out to help their families put food on the table. You could help change their futures in a single moment. See how far your support can go. It unbound on organ 17 chilly old degrees out there. It's a clear sky and the stars are shining. I'm Jack Hart WBZ traffic on the threes. Here's the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast clear skies along with cold, gusty winds this morning low 15 closer to tending some suburbs. You factor in those gusty winds. Real feeling temperatures near zero at times, not much relief later on today, despite plenty of sunshine remains cold and windy, high 31 real field temperatures in the single digits and teams. Briskin cold tonight, Back down to 21 unless wind on Monday with plenty of sunshine High 36 mostly cloudy Tuesday High 34. We're bonded during a storm, which may bring some snow into the area late Tuesday or Tuesday night. I thank you, Weather meteorologist. Scott Erickson de BBC Boston's news radio. Good morning. I'm Dan Walk INS. Here's what's happening. Massachusetts National Guard members who were sent to Washington to help secure President Biden's inauguration came home Saturday night. WBZ Suzanne Saz ville reports from the armory and Melrose breathing the bitter cold. Dozens, waved American flags and cheered as members of the one 82nd grab their gear and headed into the armory to be tested for covert. 19. Aaron Smith is a National Guard member from Randolph, he said. It was a fairly big operation on short notice. The operation.

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