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Try to sell it. The lowest price on ebay. I only try to rank higher and be the first one or maybe the second one that they search see they see me right there and the clinton by that's all i care about being the top. That's why search engine placement is so important. That's why consider it the only thing we have to do on ebay and you should too and i've experienced this. Maybe none of you others have. Maybe no one on amazon's ever experience. I experienced this all the time ebay never jumps on your listing and tries to outsell you never ever ever had recently in the vice. President said we will never do anything like that too are settlers. Wow that's amazing. Let's look at some more specifics. I'm going to put some money in your fists right now if you wanna sell on ebay all ebay listings. Have five parts entitled photographs condition if it's not random item specifics. And a description. These are the five parts of all ebay listings. Pay attention to me now k. Your title is important. You have eighty character alright. We used to have. I think sixty four characters is all we had for a title. It was so hard to get good keywords into a title back. We now have eighty which still in i guess if they gave us a thousand two thousand characters a title but they give eighty characters. I want you to fill up that title with very good. Keywords that match your product why are good keywords. Those are words that buyers are looking for. If they're looking for. I'll do i'll show you a ladies gene example here in a minute if they're looking for ladies the Gloria vanderbilt pair of jeans. Then you need to make sure. You've got gloria vanderbilt jeans. Women's you know things like that and the title you've got to make sure you're telling ebay your titles number one in whether ebay shows you in a searcher okay. All the rest of this photographs can help the condition description items visit other rest of this determines how high in that search you right but the title is what get you into a search to begin with. You've got to load up with good key. Words.

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