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It's just is 24th game. Game number 77 for Pittsburgh. Pitch and a little bit outside no cold strike three by the home plate umpire Rob Drake. He delayed the call with his Hand is armed. Indicate Strike three, but he gets another strikeout. Does Kyle Freeland Yeah, he's thought it was outside. Maybe the Rockies caught a break, but Kyle won't complain again working the corners. So two up and two retired on strikeouts. Here's the hottest pirate have another wonderful year. The center fielder Brian Reynolds and other right handed batter he'll bang it foul up the warning track on the right side past the rolled up tarp all in one Reynolds is sitting 3 12 13 homers 44. RBS pirates really have To legitimate representatives for the All Star Game and Reynolds in their second basement. Adam Frazier pitch outside one and one Fraser not in the lineup. At the start today left handed pitcher he's a left handed batter and pirates, saying they just wanted to give him a little bit of a breather. Frazier's leading all of baseball in hits with 98. Pitch, and Reynolds is going to extend his hitting streak as he drops the ball into right center field. Ryan Reynolds on a 13 game hitting streak, now.

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