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Koa newsradio time one thirty sports the avs and predators in the first round of the playoffs but in the first game it's the predators coming out on top five to two in nashville to syria abc's james longman from the region on what syrian forces are doing in advance of possible strikes the theory military taking defensive action repositioning warplanes and moving quick to protect them from being targeted russians on the move to satellite images appear to show russian naval ships disappearing in syria russia today saying they will protect that people on the ground and possible evidence in that horrific suspected chemical attack us officials are aware of a new report from syrian medical activists describing most of the victims symptoms and attack russia and syria say never happened us defense secretary james mattis saying the administration is still weighing its options after series suspected use of chemical weapons next update at two david ko koa news newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm as you take to the main highways you may be experienced in high winds and some areas in some wet roads and others and you're gonna find speeds pretty close to normal just about everywhere i twenty five straight through the tech center you've got no issues nothing slowing down on sixty lakewood c four seventy four seventy everything is in great shape you'll make the time on i seventy cross town thirty thirtysix between here in boulder you've got no issues and you've got nothing slowing it down on i two seventy or i seventy six the cbs four weather you can expect it to be partly sunny today the highest only gonna be around thirty eight tonight slows gonna track down to.

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