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That many people do not trust the place police protests once again turn from peaceful to the structure CBS's Chris vancleave outside the White House some of those people threw stones at police others lit fires and smashed nearby storefronts the reports of looting throughout the district former police officers been charged with third degree murder in George Floyd's death former Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells CBS she expects more charges so an officer not just nothing on citizen's life what other officers standing by in preventing the crowd in the arena CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez with a huge pent up demand after months of car sales stagnation General Motors is speeding up production today with the return of thousands more workers to plants that build pickups and SUVs including the hugely popular full size SUVs made at Arlington's General Motors plant sales of utilities in particular pick up the remains stronger than expected depleting inventories analyst Rebecca Lindland of Rebecca drives dot com expects those sales to increase over the summer people have delayed purchasing a pickup truck or SUV and so it makes sense that GM needs to get these plants up and running GM says the new coronavirus fighting protocols at its plants have been working Jeff Gilbert CBS news Detroit using thirty four in KRLD time to take a look at the opening market numbers on Wall Street and for that here's David.

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