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Think everyone that movie because of the nostalgia of it but looking back on it or my first impression of it was. It's paint by numbers. It was like that entire trilogy but still yeah maybe mid or maybe star trek. Maybe a another other. Where he rebooted a franchise And i thought the two thousand dollars and star trek in the kelvin universe was was very very well done so but we'll e utrillo parkey. Yeah hey you know. I could easily be like one of these heads be located. It's not william shatner in not star trek. But i'm not going to be that person but one thing i did want to. I thought about this article. I read earlier this evening. And a tweeted it out from About black panther speaking of at initial coats and The whole issue of recasting and into your point about black michael jordan Being fan cast so far and the whole thing about whether or not chadwick boseman. Whether or not to challah should be recast and it was very this article. was really mason really Excellent points that Really if they really wanted to honor The character and chadwick is to is indeed to recast because and speaking. I thought about this. In the context of superman we've had it talked about. Henry cavill had multiple actors. Play this character. Even after opposite. Christopher he had his accident and brandon. Ralph came in and took over But yet for made a point with in particular with african american heroes. Why can't we do that with with with the cia and and it was really good piece to my personal page. I tweeted there in between it from our show. Count really really fault. Provoking on on on the especially in context of talking about rebates. And one thing. I want to point out the way. You just said that if you made it sound like Christopher reeves got an accident and then the very next day brandon. I know but my point i believe. Get your point. I didn't say there was a time gap an s one of the things. This article makes the point that they could give it that. We've heard news that they're going to do it..

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