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Of protests almost certainly the largest demonstration our planet has yet seen about climate change in related news nearly seventy climate activists were arrested Saturday in New Hampshire after marching onto a coal power plant to demand an end to fossil fuel use they were part of a group of hundreds attempting to shut down Merrimack station one of the largest coal fired power plants and all of New England immigration news a federal judge has blocked trump administration rule that would have allowed the government to indefinitely detain migrant children and their families California judge Dolly J. ruled Friday that the proposed policy violated the nineteen ninety seven Flores agreement which caps the jailing of migrant children and families to twenty days she called trumps proposed rule change Kafka esque a federal judge blocked another trump era immigration policy in Washington DC Friday ruling against new regulations seeking to fast track deportations without a fair legal process voters in Afghanistan went to the polls Saturday but voter turnout may have hit a record low preliminary data shows around a quarter of the country's registered voters took part in the election which pitted Afghanistan's chief executive Abdullah Abdullah against Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and della della is already claiming victory even though official results won't be announced for another three weeks the BBC reports at least five people were killed in attacks on voting stations another eighty wounded. a prominent Egyptian dissident cholera Delphi task has been arrested again and a growing crackdown on anti government protesters subbed alpha tau was arrested Sunday as he was preparing to leave an Egyptian police station where he's been forced to sleep at night since being freed in March after serving a five year prison sentence a lawyer representing del photog was also arrested Egyptian authorities have arrested more than two thousand people amidst an outbreak of anti government protests allowed delta tau was a leader of the two thousand eleven uprising against Hosni Mubarak he spoke to democracy now in two thousand fourteen. so.

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