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And there was another story that this came out i want to say we can a half ago and we didn't get a chance to talk about it last week jim carrey was doing an interview and he talks about making the batman i think was batman forever it was without kilmer in and jim carrey played the ridler and the coal kidman was in it and i guess tommy lee jones played or to face all right and now you guys know this as well and i i know this to some extent the tommy lee jones the is a brilliant actor would not the easiest guy in the world to get one way he's off yeah he's very smart guy and i think is is we mentioned before the show doesn't suffer fools zone apparently not i've never had the opportunity to meet him but i be scared to yeah i think i it's just an attempt in a guy will apparently had horreya hated jim carrey's and jim carrey tells the story of the during the filming he went to a restaurant is after the day shoot and the maitre d' was like oh tommy lee jones is here so jim carrey unsuspecting windows abs amen how you doing and he said tommy lee jones was like visibly shaking he was so angry ada got up any hugged him but whisper nazir i f in hate you soha terms like okay you know yeah and it made me and and obviously that was not a great movie and i and you could see tommy lee jones would want an oscar couple years ruled that i went to harvard oas wars room and ryan summerbee your enemies making a movie a probably looks at with jim carrey does and he's like.

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