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Star talk re back house Macquarie's edition, Mark Norman. Oh, yes. I love it here watching you. Dr Natalie Starkey, you still with us. Yes. I'm still at. Actually. Yes. Yes. Expert on comets and asteroids, and that's our topic for the day. Yeah. I know a little bit. And she knows a lot L. Yeah. That's why we brought her on for this for this episode. So Mark my pet subjects. You've got questions on this. I got a million. Well, we took with the nickel and the iron. If you got a question to you can do it. Okay. I just wonder if feel it if unit if asteroids contain diamonds, and we mind them, we got the diamonds and diamond prices went way down on earth would women still want them. Yeah. I mean, the thing is they do contain diamonds. I'm actually more special than the diamonds. We have on earth say they're actually saw like interstellar diamonds old them even better say the system. So they, but Tony this is the purpose of the, you know, the kind of hard to find. So you probably wouldn't eat need might Crisci. She say on your ring finger some, but you know, you could tell everyone how special that it was. May. All right here. We are Kimberly dot I o on Instagram underscore can believe that I owe. How often is an asteroid come across our solar system. We actually well reading his asteroid or a comment, but there was an OJ recently cooled, a Moore Lua, and which is a Hawaiian word for ACT kind of like foreign traveler or something and and this object that appeared, and it was troubling very far throw sailor system and some astronomers in in Hawaii sore it and found it fast. And that's why go to Hawaii name and it was trumping safer. So they figured out. You couldn't have come can never originated within the system. Say aunt. She decided that it must have come from another star system. What they have no idea where exactly this to trying to figure that out. And but basically it didn't it was going to say foster didn't get captured in two sons just kind of scooted by 'em. So. Didn't end into orbit into our solar system. And this object has probably been traveling for potentially billions of years across interstellar space. We if with early solar system, it's traveled through, but it's going on this massive long journey now of coolest this object could've actually collided with the planet, and we wouldn't have seen it coming because it was going quickly, and it was relatively small. It was very dog, and it's really hard to spot. But the thing we realize now is we've spotted it because technologies go so much better at trying to spoil things in the night sky is actually probably happened before probably we've had these visitors from other parts of the United galaxy many times before but we've just seen them. And sure enough our incumbents Nastro could be out that visiting of the stall systems. It's just something that happens during the prices of fooling star and the planets around that is a little bit chaotic in say comments necessaries resent, the bits and pieces left over that didn't become a planet and sometimes because this small they can get checked it out with the sailor system. Will they get? Thrown into the sun, and they ended in a fiery death. But some of them get thrown out. And and they just end up leaving the sun's gravity, and they go into space. There's nothing stopping them that gonna keep going. So so, yeah, it's really cool that these objects if we can start to identify more of them in the future, and she looked for them than we might also missions ago. Maybe sample one one day, which would be amazing. We'll find out about the chemistry of another star system. Which is something I would be interested in and, but yeah, the moment we've seen one on. It's kind of Ghana it's exiting the solar system. And it's going on its merry way into the abyss. Wow. It's Mary way into the abyss. That was. I looked up more more. I think it means scout like a first journey person onto new land into a new place a scout. Yeah. The nice thing. Yeah. It is..

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