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The moose mornings six eastern Pacific. CBS sports radio This useful The I'm not making this stuff. Up there are guys in the league that actually pay guys gods and they want to hurt this kid because of that Vangelis litany of. Guys that didn't get the job. That that they wanted to give it to all of it may have been the greatest mismanagement of anything I ever Witnessed Stephen loser. Jimmy play and he still can't get a job this is a. Billionaire white owners want nothing to do with this guy believable this guy he just doesn't get it he's been such an amateur Katie from the Tiny's come up better know what to do with one of these days are going to get rid of 'em town on the NFL is not having the nuclear codes is the most powerful entity in this country Why is bigger than the NFL honestly literally runs America You're, listening on the And the biggest way possible Attitude hanging.

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