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News. We don't have any weather problems outside a little bit of a breeze and the cool temperatures to worry about this morning. Shelbyville the lights rolling in Indiana grand racing casino there. Fifty seven degrees and Shelby county and here downtown we're officially sitting at fifty two cooling off a west west wind gusts today upwards of about twenty twenty five miles an hour sustained winds between fifteen and twenty right now the winds out of the west northwest of eighteen over at the airport. So we're done with the rainfall at west northwest wind bringing a drier air, all the rain. We saw yesterday less than an inch in most spots mostly in northwestern, Indiana. That's all cleared its way back out alive. Look at storm tracker shows you again, a whole lot of not a lot going on this morning. That's a good news. Just a little bit of cloud cover. This cloud cover. That's sitting across the midwest is actually helping us out. It's a little bit to act like a blanket holding those up a few degrees skies, clear back out for the evening and overnight. We're really plummet outside a lot cooler air just purchased offer. Wesley is gonna start to sweep it's way back, and it's twenty seven degrees in Nebraska, thirty eight in Iowa, we start to warm our way back up the more east, you get in Charlotte North Carolina right now, dealing with the remnants of the hurricane. It's seventy six degrees on the warm side of things with that cold front is pressing its way northward live look right now the remnants spitting their way across Georgia right now. This is the remnants of Michael Malley tropical system. Tropical storm Michael with wind sustained at fifty miles per hour. Of the Carolinas, of course after deal of Florence those water levels. Just started to recede this week. That's not going to help us. We'll kind of put a halt to some of that at least for the near future. Now would get news is it's a quick moving system. It's gonna be pushing its way off the coast late tonight and early tomorrow morning, then well out in the Atlantic by the time we had Friday afternoon. So it won't be down there. It's going to be just enough to cause some problems through the Carolinas through the day today here in central the end and a whole.

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Michael Malley, Indiana, Carolinas discussed on WIBC Programming

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