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Whether it's Westchester, a NASA, a Selfie County. We clearly 50% indoor capacity, right? Which is still pretty. I mean, it's pretty sparse, you know, because the 50% includes the staff, so you're really talking like 40 or 35%. Well, let's find out from folks out there who maybe have an interest. Ah run restaurants or have a Siri's of restaurants and bars or a patrons of restaurants and bars. How has that worked out? And as it gets colder, because even with global warming, climate change, it's going to get colder. It's already you can feel it in the air. Yeah, one of these people would do because I know there are people out there. It doesn't matter. They always want to dine outside. There are always those establishments that if you won't want to be intrepid, you want to go outside, dine outside. As long as they can find a waiter or a waitress to serve, you go for it. Knock yourself out, but I just I just can't imagine. Well, taxes have to be paid, right? Electricity has to be paid. Yes. So many other bills have to be paid. Unless you have Ah, and endless supply of money. Personal money. I don't see how you can stay in business. Well, I really think that it is going to have to come down, Teo, Increasing that 25% to 50% really quick. And also, people in the city are going to have to understand you've got to just bundle up and do it. Look when you go. Ah, lot of Americans when they travel to Europe over Christmas time, January and so forth. People are sitting out there on Piazza Navona in Rome. They've got the You know, the little the little tent things close, You know they have. It's it's see through so you could see outside's translucent, but it's close and they've got to be Listen. It's find out. It's it's sort of the mentality and then you just You just have a lot to drink. Frankly 108 for a W A B C That's 1 808 for 89222. Now, with Roshi Shana occurring the past weekend. And then Yom Kapur this coming weekend right Saturday and Sunday. This is generally the time of year when Gentiles would say this is great. We could actually find a place at the table. You know, in the restaurant of our choice, we can.

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