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I'm your host Air Christianson Pharmacists. And if you want to get in contact with me linked but in a good way to to do that Air Christianson Farm D. B. C. G. P. B.. CPS You can find me. They're also through the website real real life pharmacology dot com. We've also got that free giveaway thirty one page. PDF On the top two hundred drugs in their pharmacology an a an important clinical pearls That you actually might come across in real life so definitely go download that for free and and obviously also get updates when we've got a new podcast or any other in full To share for you there so go check that out a real-life pharmacology dot COM for today. We're going to get into metro. Nisell the brand name of that medication is flat. Joel and this is an antibiotic for infection. Shen I do see it somewhat frequently. I guess definitely a good one to to know to pay attention to Being an antibiotic probably the most common uses for this medication Bacterial vaginal says historically C diff was probably probably a lot more common for its use We have had changes in the guidelines. And now at least at this point at the time I making it Vancomycin Oral Orleans is typically going to be preferred there but still remains an option If a certain other options aren't available there Intra abdominal all infections. In in general metronidazole 's got some good activity specifically against ANAEROBIC BACTERIA K.. Okay so that's an important little nugget to remember with regards the use where you might see Metronidazole used in kind of along with that that depending on the type and surgery The type of surgery and the location of surgery metros nasal might be used in prophylaxis again. You know if you're doing some sort of Gi surgery were a bacteria gut bacteria are going to be in play We might might use metronidazole because a lot of those bacteria are potentially susceptible to the drug now adverse effect profile. I think this this is definitely important with an antibiotic. You don't nausea vomiting stomach upset can potentially happen and Dan With I would say the majority of antibiotics. It is okay to take them with food and Mitch Metronidazole Certainly falls under that umbrella. So if you're having a patient reporting some issues stomach upset Feeling only had an office with their medication with taking metronidazole definitely encourage them to at least start to try to take with food if they aren't already doing so oh other adverse effects We you know I think the GI tract Continuing along those lines metronidazole. Oh can provide a unique taste To the mouth and for some patients that can be very very troubling and bothersome It's most patients report. Almost a metallic type taste in their mouth but Keep in mind if patients are noticing. Food tastes different or something else going on with with taste. Buds and eating Definitely could be Metronidazole Having that adverse effect there There are some rare things that can happen with metronidazole. One really unique thing That I have encountered in the the past again very very rare But CNS changes can happen with Metronidazole and one thing specifically with those CNS changes Is Peripheral for all neuropathy. So it's kind of an interesting NEUROLOGIC type of act that can potentially happen with metronidazole. Now we'll say that the risk ask of you know some of these issues or particularly the central nervous system issues is likely going to go up as we increase doses and and as we Extend that duration. I'm thinking along the lines of full neuropathy Probably not real likely to happen. You know for other patients only getting it for a very very short period of time you know a few days for example so keep that in mind as you think about the adverse effect profile file and as you see Metro nasal used now. That is more specific to Metronidazole. That's obviously going to be. I static simic oral use so Important to I think make that differentiation versus a topically applied metronidazole for for example. So let's take.

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