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It with you thank you March April take care now thank you Kaley newsradio time it's a seven fifty nine your drive right now to check in again with John we start a list of the boulder turnpike a little heavy on the phone for a bike up around Broomfield so coming up at past under for church ranch that was outside the boll jer but should be heavy and they're getting into boulder ease bellows scored are you guys seventy six try to get a couple sold out so I was about I seventy six through commerce city getting down toward to seventy and then E. R. west of I twenty five route toward Sheridan federal shirted of that area that but stretch west of I seventy six pretty heavy had to seventy both directions a lot of trouble that I. seventy Dr between I twenty five and tower road both sides of of that I seventy drive are pretty every penny Boulevard looks pretty good don't see any problems in downtown you got a car to drive there and done that the tech center one crashes warning right now that says something about a go at handed so expect delays there's just east of I twenty five this report is Roger by their museum of nature and science Denver museum of nature and science proudly presents the sides by Pixar exhibition numbers of experience that explores out Pixar animation studios brings our beloved build the character to life there's a D. M. A. N. S. dot org for more info next update ten minutes on gateway eight fifty a a ninety four one of them this is an I heart radio station K. away eight fifty eight ninety four one the voice of Colorado it is time eight o'clock it is Thursday December nineteenth April and Marty with you fox thirty one ten point whether it's thirty five were on our way to a high around fifty and will stay there through tomorrow we could see sixties though both Saturday and Sunday right now in Colorado's morning news Senate Majority.

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