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Nicely says he will introduce a new measure on Thursday to end the governor. State of emergency over coronavirus that has been in place since March. Don't believe That the governor should unilaterally make decisions without all three branches of government involved, Eric Berman reports. There's another bill that would simply rework how the governor can roll out a state of emergency. House majority Leader Matt Lehman's bill doesn't require legislative approval to extend an emergency, but it does require legislators to have the opportunity. Governor could declare one month emergency on his own, but he could only extend it if the Legislature's in session. If it's not, you have to call a special session. Eric Berman 93 WNBC Mobile Means Is it ever acceptable for the state to take over a city Police Department? Chris Davis reports. The state Senate may answer that question. In the next couple of months, we lose our convention business. We lose our downtown. We're gonna go back to the seventies eighties, state Senator Jack Sandlin has filed a bill that turns the Indianapolis Metro Police Department over to a five person commission. The City County Council would have no control. Send wins justification. The state invests in the city's tourism efforts, and he remembers a time as an indie cop. When those conventions didn't come here I saw when they rolled the sidewalk up at six o'clock at night. And when Indianapolis was known as India, no place I think I'd be a big mistake to go back in that direction. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C Mobile news. There are long term benefits to the state road 37 closure, But Martinsville is feeding feeling the immediate effects, some unofficial do Tours from the construction have driver's going right through downtown Martinsville. Take our downtown businesses will definitely embrace the traffic of people coming down here, and hopefully we'll get some of them stopping here. Others aren't so keen on it, though. Several complaints about fast drivers and too many large trucks. 37 will be closed for most of the.

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