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Get your short traffic out of the way right off the bat of you're coming back the garden state parkway northbound about a two mile backup approaching mar more all the way up the summers point heavy coming off the causeway out of ocean city then you get on the expressway and westbound you're seeing delays from seventythree out to williamstown road right before there and then heavy again for about a mile approach forty two all the way up to fifty five now the southbound side jammed on forty two down to lower landing road because of an accident that was in the left lane coming from the southern shore points about a three mile delay through denzil on forty seven and then three fortyseven jams getting onto forty seven right before millville about a three mile backup on forty nine heading to fifty five you're heading over the bridges the delaware memorial bridge crawling into delaware from new jersey and here crawling into pennsylvania at the end of the commodore barry bridge getting onto ninety five southbound ninety five south who've already heavy from ridley park to three twenty two blue route delays both ways mcdade boulevard the schuylkill westbound heavy passing onto south slow again getting on from the vines reduce wrath way then heavy again from montgomery from the boulevard now out the gladwin and slow four seventy six out to two zero the lays again between gladwin belmont eastbound in heavy from montgomery to the vine vine eastbound is much better at this point with martin luther king dr not a very good option it is closed for recreational activity then that overturned vehicle still in morgantown watch for lane restrictions about five miles before downingtown on the eastbound side mass transit's okay next update less than ten minutes i'm brian ramona.

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