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Could be as many as 300,000 deaths by early December. New York State is suing the NRA, accusing it of corruption. President Trump's reaction. I think the operation moved to Texas. And lead a very good and beautiful life on New York judges rejected Mr Trump's bid to delay a lawsuit from a woman accusing him of rape, saying that his office does not shield him. Federal agents are off to stay out of ST Louis. It's an effort to help police combat violent crime there. This is the U. S attorney Jeff Jensen. Right now they're overworked and they're underappreciated. So we're trying to give them additional support. CBS News brief. I'm Bill Rake off it's 11 34. Meantime, the pandemic has forced the State Department to change its guidance on foreign travel. In March of this year, the State Department put a global travel warning due to Corona virus level for across the globe advising Americans to stay home if they could come home immediately, or plan to shelter in place for the duration. Now, For the first time in months, the State Department is lifting that travel advisory and says it will go back to rating individual countries on a scale of 1 to 4, depending on how they're doing. Combating the virus. CBS News reporter Christina Ruffini President Trump taking executive action on the Chinese owners of certain social media taps the president's order targeting Chinese firms that run and operate TIC Tac and we chat over national security concerns. Mr Trump has threatened to shut down tick topped by mid September. Microsoft or another company didn't by the U. S portion of the AP U. S intelligence warning. Russia is not alone and trying to interfere in the 2020 elections. Now a former top Intel official is speaking out. I think we're gonna be confronted with not only the Russians, what others having watched with the Russians did well, I think also the in play. Former Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper says other global players and wannabes are likely getting involved. China will also be injecting itself. Off into the election process. How will they do it? You know, capitalizing learning from what the Russians did, which was disinformation, hacking and financial influence. US. Intelligence sources indicate Iran and North Korea may join in as well more on this week's target. Use a podcast J. J Green w T o P news coming up after traffic and whether the U. S sending AIDS 11 on after a deadly explosion, but cautiously, 11 36 Sometimes our food is more than just food. It's an integral part of our community. So this year, Discover is giving $5 million to support black owned restaurants. To places like Rodney Scott's barbecue in Charleston. Post office pies in Birmingham. Back in the day Bakery in Savannah. And hundreds more places in your local community all across the country. Learn how you.

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