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Seven thirty three in London. Now some argue that a country's leader set an example to his or her citizens and behaving away to make the nation proud others. Say that what a leader gets up to behind closed doors is no one else's business will sitting rather firmly into the first school of thought it's the case of the Prime Minister of the suit. A man of who for some time has faced accusations that he was involved in the murder of his ex wife. Well Thomas Ivano has now decided to step down and tell us more. I'm joined by Monaco's Andrew Moolah Andrew a delight to have the radio. What is happening here? Well IT GOES BACK TO JUNE. Two thousand seventeen the carpenter when his ex wife Lipa Lillo. Tobacco was shot. This was a couple of weeks after he had been elected. Prime Minister for the most recent time and just a couple of days before he was due to be sworn in now. Initially nobody left to the conclusion. Not the first couple of the sue must be involved because the country does regrettably have quite a high murder right but to the surprise. According to local reports of many Lesotho citizens the police did in fact take an interest and before long did charge the prime minister's current wife Messiah Tabatabai with murder. The prime minister still remains under suspicion but hasn't been charged. He did his best to try and clean on which is remarkable really up tune including suspending parliament as recently as March which he claimed was necessitated by Kovac Nineteen Vo at that point. The Su- didn't in fact have any cases. He tried to call the army into the streets to back him up in April claiming that he was being undermined by various nefarious elements in Lesotho law enforcement. But he does now to run out of options to crucial moment seems to have been that interlocutors from South Africa arrived to bang some heads together because politics occasionally gets somewhat out of hand in that tends to have an impact on South Africa and they were very keen that this or get resolved. Have any idea what has really happened with the cases of Mrs Listens to Bonnie WanNa Mrs to Bonnie to all we know so far is the soothsayers police believe that. Say Tabatabai was in some way involved in the murder of Leyla to ban. They don't actually think she did it. The suspicion is that she may have engaged others to act on her behalf so y is uncertain reviewing local media this morning whether to ban a has managed to find any way out of this for him and or his wife whether some immunity from prosecution was attached to his agreement to quit a little. Bit More you mentioned the fact that there's an investigators coming in from South Africa who are expressing interest. Why has South Africa decided that it wants to get involved? Sue is is literally geographically surrounded by South Africa and South. Africa has two reasons for concern. Basically one is a fairly fundamental. Law of South Africa's drinking water comes from mountains and therefore obviously stability in the suit who is something that South Africa's interested in but also the South African South Africa doesn't need to terribly long memory to recall nine hundred ninety eight. There was violence and chaos in the suit through following an election. South Africa sent an intervention force which they initially envisaged would be a fairly limited kind of deployment. You show willing fly the flag get everything. Back onto control disconnected rather badly. Several South African soldiers were killed and quite a lot of Lesotho's capital. Masauru ended up being damaged or destroyed and south. Africa is very very keen to avoid any repeat of events such as that. They're very briefly. Andrew What happens next? Well what happens next is. We're pretty sure who the next prime minister is going to be. That is going to be the current. Finance Minister Moeketsi Majuro to Bonnie technically remains caretaker. Prime Minister Until may twenty second now given his capacity for improvise ation mischief making shape. Fifteen in general getting himself out of trouble. That could end up being a fairly intriguing a days but I think the key question that a lot of people are waiting for an institute is whether he has negotiated some sort of excusing from prosecution. Andrew Mueller thank you very much. Indeed with multiple twenty. Four UPS is a global financial services firm with over one hundred fifty years of heritage built on the unique dedication of all people. We bring fresh thinking and prospected while while we know that it takes a marriage.

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