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The pink taste. It's an extraordinary isn't it. It's known around the world. Everyone knows that testing early january in sydney the assu jay is the pink taste and it's a phenomenal fundraiser foundation. They must be times where you get to stop and look at the sydney cricket graham when it's packed and everyone's in pink that must be a wonderful endorsement of john's dream. Well i know you've what's incorrect yourself. You know how you know. It's a game steeped in tradition so to see that game embrace the color pink and there's no the sporting code who does what cricket does for a charity. So not only. Do we raise much needed funds to continue the workers. There's still families and communities in australia. Do not have free access to oppress scanners it allows. It gives us a platform to not only raise funds but to talk about the great work. The amazing needed work. That are nurses joe every single jay. Mcgraw day i walk into the ground of the j our second home for many years and i look around and i have a little chat with a go to the g. i walk onto that onto the pitch and i sit back and a small one that i'm allowed on the pitch because we were never got the pitch as you know but to sit there and i know that she would just love it she would just love anisa. Cy be so grateful not only to the crooked in community and cricket australia and all the you know those who help was that game together. A lot of work even to call it the pink test. You know that that's massive. She would just absolutely love it as a cricket fan or think. There's a beautiful arnie. Because you know gleams figures you about one hundred and twenty four days measures. He took five hundred sixty three week. It's there's not grain stand named after him but on die three of the pink test. There is the giant mcgrath stain. That and every single year. I remind him another year. Glenn still no statue of you. steve was. We've got nothing as you say. So much support from many organizations but support from sydney sada's rule seamy sada's love to go to the pink taste get kicked out in peak and support 'cause over the years to watch what the pink test has become and to have people we see people every year who not only there for the game but now they dress in pink young and old boys and girls. You know old men young men. Everybody's wearing the color pink because it's not just a color pink anymore. It's more than the color issue show of solidarity where we come together in a color. Butch to show your support for those families right across australia. Who are going through an incredibly difficult time of a diagnosis of breast cancer. So it's become more than the game. So tracy when you think of you'll beginnings where are we at now in terms of the number of brisk gainers. So when jane was here we had four mcgraw breast canner is but she was single handedly responsible for writing a letter to john howard. Glenn was having lunch with the prime minister. Who is a huge cricket farm. We called him johnny. Because we're visiting basis. And she explains what she wanted to do with her charity and what she hoped for the community of australia going through breast cancer and he wrote contacted her. Remember the phone. 'cause traced member that. Let's our it's jonah suggests that guess what..

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