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And what i find so interesting about him is when it comes to his personal life his private life. He's really private. We have so little about him personally. You know it's interesting to he. He literally just keeps it to the work front. You know like you don't see him out like many celebrities where he's just out to dinner or you know Just looking for that press op. The only time you see ryan is when he is doing press four a job and credit to him for making his career like that. You know matt damon was very good at you. Know getting out of the the spotlight of hollywood moving to florida and you only see matt damon when he's doing a project it's not true instead of police say they are handed and chased. You can be a private celebrity if you want to be a private celebrity by choice. I miss them exactly choice. You khandu ryan's have really good example of this. I've had dinner with him once. I had dinner with him in l. a. sham lying ryan pay off and he's charming and he's tiny little waste and when he bent down i think he dropped his napkin. A had these tight jeans. On and i saw the top of his bottom crack and he had very very low riding underwear. He's cute. there's something about him. That's really cute but it was a work dinner. Look at that. It wasn't a social dinner era. Worked in and then the mini. He got what he came for the minute. He got the interview he wanted. I think is working for ashlee. Simpson jessica at the time. We wanted to do a sit down interview. The mini i said yes. We barely finished his earth. The check was got and it was amazing hair. Put it on my own. And i wasn't saying he's being rude. The opposite he was charming and sort of inspiring like can reset their under the two hours latham gossiping and do we know work. This is why he is so successful. Hey congratulations to you to talking about being spotted and wanting to spotted angelina jolie is here in new york and she's been spotted everywhere from buying a hotdog to also been spotted at her. Yes ruptured a route just talking about this and like celebrities. Choose to be spotted. You're telling me angelina. Jolie wanted to get a dirty dog on the street corner of new york city. Because she was hungry. Let's be honest. Well no angelina is a master. An absolute massacre of working the press and the little giveaway always in full hair and makeup. So when you start looking flawless and design clothes if they're.

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