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Only one that couldn't start with these groups that we're talking right danny aines was the weak link technically although he was a very good ballplayer yeah when you've had mikhail parish burden dennis johnson all hall of famers the bulls never really had that starting five it was given hip in prague is fit in no this is quite frankly you have one of the three best players at every position it's like it's like an olympic team they really is like could you team usa golden state if you're going to go up against the next five players to play them in the nba i think we can put together a team that can beat them maybe you would have let's say lebron lebron and colli if he's healthy qui anthony davis uc davis that's that's a start as your front court on your point guard would probably be chris paul chris paul harry you're going to leave him the hell off this team because he'd go one on five and screw the whole thing up and same thing with russell westbrook tatum on it jason tatum and why don't we just go forward no kyrie harrier chris paul one of the two i mean those are still no positions anymore kinda does have positions now gold you really think about it they have all five positions position steps a point guard although he scores a lot basically claes like the perfect durant's the perfect three draymond the four because he does all the dirty work and cousins as a senator they've kind of gone nuts if you're looking at now i don't how do you beat them four times in series you actually beat that i don't know how you'd beat the team from last year and you had this guy onto it who's in approve it year right like i said on twitter yesterday if the spurs wanna make things fun they try to the celtics were bag of balls because that the celtics can compete if they give up nothing and you just add quite liner then you can compete with this warriors team but other than that okay as constituted right now can the celtics even give them a series thing they can take a game i think they can take a couple of games but i'm trying to match up the teams right let's do it let's go to june let's next june celtics warriors okay let's let's go with the starting five kyri against steph call that a watch i know better player but kyrie steps big and and he's been better postseason player in the postseason against golden to slightly better like a thousand percent to carry but that's that's a great matchup and don't forget the second time they met last year in regular season it was steph against one of the best regular season game that's a good matchup right i mean that is nice good steph is better that's that's fine thompson jalen brown klay thompson thompsons better jaylen brown they're both good defensive players to jaylen brown is more athletic is never going to be a shooter is i think he could be a better defender though what he can match up in a sense that he can this totally advantage the celtics have would be their defense their youth athleticism and only and they buy into it right so that played good defense let's go to durant tatum okay okay durant tatum look i mean they've tatum before you tatum can score any six nine he's still growing.

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