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Yeah. Yeah, I am an not a real martial art or real in the sense that I got like, the physical black belt. But I mean, I'm not using any confusion and a strong and, you know, went wrong in the UFC know don't drink. So that's actually the, the study of the type of martial arts doing was like Wing, Chun Kung Fu. But yeah, I'm not doing any of that should. Oh man, it's more of like a discipline thing. I guess, you know, just showing up to class everyday all the time and and being like attentive, you know, I guess that's what it teaches you but as far as like fighting skills like nah man, you can't like make your hands glow and shoot. A fireball is what you're telling me now I'm well like no man should is going on. I wish I wish I could. That'd be, that'd be cool. I wish I could use that the cage fight. Exactly. Now here you are and now you're trading in Missouri under James Krauss and Krauss is like, I mean, he must have like murdered people back in his day and age. To make up for it or being the nice person cuz he's one of those guys have like good husband, like good dad, like takes his family members that have like drug problems. Like great coach, it's just all-around guy to your like man, this guy's not real like like why is it here on The Bachelor or some like, some he's definitely. Is he hard on you as he coached like talking about that, man? He said he's just like an exceptional human being. Like he's who you strive to be right. Like, I can ask for better like role model and Mentor or coach like this. Dude's a jack-of-all-trades. Wow. Yeah. Definitely someone you expect to be on The Bachelor man. Like he just does it all like he's he's one of the best coaches in the world if not the best coach. And then man, this dude runs like three. He owns three gyms and runs multiple offices and Flights to Vegas every weekend a corner UFC fighter. I don't know how he doesn't, man. He's involved in real estate..

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