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Call home runs gomez hit his seventh and field his six on the season but the big play of the game was the walk off was the walkout play mitch haniger a his twelfth home run in the bottom of the thirteenth inning to give the mar mariners the win there in seattle on friday saturday we're going to go through the saturday really quickly here the end of the segment as one of bounce around a couple of big games from the weekend series we have the rangers actually come back and beat the angels three two in extra innings stick diekmann gets the win for the rangers as mike chara hit his nineteenth inkens or hit his fifth but it was a late rally is their interest gordon one in the ninth inning to tie the game and then one in the tenth to win there in anaheim a ronald guzman sitting all knocked in the winning run cubs beat up on the mets well it was a late inning is you really see a seven to one game go fourteen innings or fortune in game seven to one but that's what happened after them the mets pitching struck out twenty four cubs was pleased to pretty sure it was twenty four cubs twenty four cubs jacob degrom shook out of thirteen and seven innings only let one round seven hits two walks by jacob degrom obviously gets the notice it's just one way index as it was one one tie as the both both teams scored one in the sixth inning in the into fourteen with a cup scored six runs to blowback game open then you get the wind in this one dodgers beat the rockies twelve four in this one as the rockies give up first place in the west dayaks type back over jock petersen hit his second and third home run of the year matt kemp his ninth of the season.

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